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    IRCTC makes destination address of all railway passengers mandatory for contact tracing.

    New Delhi. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has changed the rules for booking train tickets for train passengers in the lockdown enforced amid the Corona crisis. Indian Railways has decided that the full address of the destination of the passenger will also be taken in the details to be filled for reservation in special trains so that he can be contacted immediately if needed. Passengers traveling in special trains between the Corona transition will now have to tell the full address of their destination. After landing from the station, the details of which place of the city, in which house of the village will you have to give this details during ticket booking only.

    According to Railway Board sources, the reservation form in the IRCTC website has been asked to make necessary amendments in the implementation of this decision. IRCTC has started it from 13 May. According to the Indian Railways, IRCTC has started taking the destination address of all the passengers who have booked their tickets online from 13 May. This will help us get in touch later when needed. If a passenger is found to be corona infected and its co-passengers leave their destination by that time, it is a difficult task to find and examine them according to protocol. In the case of all the passengers having full address of the destination, there will be no problem. Therefore, while booking tickets online, full address of their destination is being taken from the passengers.

    While giving this information on Thursday, the Railways said that it would help in contact tracing when needed. Indian Railways on Thursday said that 2,34,411 passengers have booked tickets for special trains so far. The Passenger Reservation System (PRS) has so far collected a total fare of Rs 45.30 crore. Significantly, the Railways has started some special trains from May 12. 15 pairs of trains are running from New Delhi to 15 major cities. Passengers are being allowed to travel with many precautions. Booking of tickets in these trains is being done online only. The ticket windows at the stations have not been opened.

    Indian Railways canceled all tickets booked till 30 June

    बुधवार को सेंसेक्स 637.49 अंक ऊपर बंद हुआ था, लेकिन आज ये 542 अंक नीचे खुला

    Meanwhile, the Railways has decided to cancel all the old bookings made in regular trains for the journey till June 30 and refund the full ticket money. The Ministry of Railways on Thursday reported that the Indian Railways has canceled all tickets booked to travel on or before 30 June 2020. All tickets booked until 30 June 2020 have been refunded. Indian Railways informed that the money for all these canceled travel tickets is also being refunded without any deduction. In another important order, the Railways has said that for those who will not get the permission to travel in the train due to symptoms of corona virus, the entire amount of their ticket will be refunded. However, all special trains and labor special trains will run on their own time.



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