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    Kapil Nagar used to make illegal collection from tanker owners for MLA Jarwal: Tanker owner

    MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar, accused in the Dr. Rajendra Singh suicide case, have reached jail, but police investigations are still on. In this case, the police have recorded the statements of many such people, whose tankers are engaged in waterboard on the contract. Bhaskar traced one of these men. After talking to him, an attempt was made to know what are the reasons which he is forced to heat the pocket of Netaji’s henchmen every month. From the installation of water tanker in the waterboard, complete information was collected about the amount received. 

    The most shocking thing in the investigation of illegal recovery from tanker drivers was that in September last year, a group of tanker owners raised voice against the MLA and complained to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Through this complaint, they were told how they are being harassed. However, his point was not received and the whole system continued like this. The result came out that last month, Rajendra Singh, who lived in Nebrasarai area, committed suicide by hanging himself in the house. The victim’s family directly accused AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal and his aide Kapil Nagar, on the basis of which the police arrested the two accused by filing a case under sections like abetment and recovery for suicide. This person even claimed that if the system does not improve, then in the coming days, no one like Rajendra Singh will step back from taking any other step

    Illegal recovery game due to issue of work order of tankers every month

    The man driving a tanker at the Delhi Jal Board in Bhaskar investigation told that many water tanker vehicles are loaded in the Delhi Jalboard. Every month there is a work order, based on which the work for the next month is decided. Between twenty to twenty-fifth of every month, all documents of the vehicle like RC, insurance, permit, driver’s license, etc. have to be submitted to the department. Work order is done on one date after completion of all formalities. He said that this work order should be done once in six months. Because the MLA is in connivance with the waterboard officials, if he is not happy with anyone, his car will get work next month.

    Delhi Jalboard tanker is paying the contractors according to this bill

    The tanker owner told Bhaskar that Rs 913 per day is given to the buggy and Rs 1220 for the big car. Apart from this, one liter of diesel is available for six kilometers for small car and one liter of diesel for four kilometers for big car. Six rounds of water tankers are to be carried daily. This person said that the payment is made in three months from the waterboard. He said that it is a compulsion to give money every month, so that business can continue. Because a buggy costs fifteen lakh rupees. The one who has to take finance and his installments are tied every month. Once the work is missed, then how will the deposit be paid?

    Police has also recorded the statements of tanker owners

    For the last several years, this person associated with the business of water said that fifteen thousand rupees have to be given in lieu of buggy and twenty thousand rupees in lieu of big train. This amount was to be given to Kapil Nagar every month between ten and twenty dates. The investigation of this case is going on in the DIU of South District, where about ten people have told the police the whole story of recovery in a systematic manner. He said that if someone is aware of Netaji, little concessions are made towards him. The statements of these people have been recorded by the police to prove the accused in the court.

    Responsibilities did not give any answer on the game of recovery

    An attempt was made to talk to Raghav Chadha, the vice president of Delhi Jalboard, about this whole matter. Called them several times. Phone not received. Finally, the message was also left to talk but there was no answer nor call.


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