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    Lockdown 4.0: Know what is buffer zone, the government has given rules

    As per the guidelines issued by the central government, a buffer zone will have to be identified around each containment zone. It will be properly defined by the district administration / local urban bodies with technical know-how at the local level. The buffer zone will primarily be the area that needs additional focus, to ensure that the infection does not spread to surrounding areas. For effective prevention, it is necessary that the buffer zone is sufficiently large.

    It is very important to pay attention to these things in the buffer zone:

    1. Extensive investigation to detect corona cases in the buffer zone through monitoring of ILI / SARI cases in health facilities.

    2. Health facilities (government and private), locating available health workforce. (ASHAs / ANMs / AWW and doctors in PHCs / CHCs / District Hospitals)

    3. Real time reporting of control cases created at district level of suspected cases of Covid-19 by all medical health facilities (hospitals etc.) including small clinics.

    4. To create community awareness on preventive measures like personal hygiene, hand hygiene and the like.

    5. Use of face cover, physical distancing through IEC activities.

    6. Ensuring social distance.


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