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    Lockdown helped Delhi to improve in COVID-19 cases : Research

    Lockdown in India extended till May 3rd, and the benefits are started appearing. Talking about India, there are a total of 11,487 confirmed cases, out of which 9733 are currently active. 1361 patients recovered, and around 393 fatalities are registered. In the last couple of days, the graphs showed a slight decline, which is a good sign for India. If the lockdown is applied strictly, then the statistics may improve, and the nation can defeat this pandemic.

    Decline in the graphs

    There a total of 1510 confirmed cases in Delhi, out of which 1000+ cases are of Tablighi jamaties. Around 30 recoveries and 30 deaths are confirmed in Delhi. Only 51 coronavirus positive cases appeared on Tuesday. This shows that lockdown helped in blocking the spread chain of COVID-19. Secondly, the pollution level in Delhi decreased, and the air quality index is also improved.

    Maharashtra is still the biggest hotspot of COVID-19. There are 2684 confirmed cases in Maharashtra. Around 350+ cases are confirmed in the last 24 hours. 2247 cases are still active, and approximately 249 patients recovered. 31 cases appeared in Tamilnadu in previous 24 hours, and now the toll of confirmed cases is 1204. More than 100 cases confirmed in Rajasthan in the last 24 hours.

    CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal shared a video message and asked the citizens, not to believe in rumors.


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