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    Lockdown violation in Shobhan Sarkar’s last visit to Kanpur, case registered at 4100

    About 4,100 people have been booked for violating the lockdown in Kanpur. He is a devotee of the gold treasure saint Shobhan Sarkar, who died on Wednesday. The saint was kept for darshan on Thursday and then thousands of people paid tribute to him at the Sanhoura Ashram in Chaubepur area.

    Chaubepur Station House Officer (SHO) Vinay Tiwari said, “We tried to stop the mob, but we could not stop them from reaching the ashram. We made a public announcement that only 20 people were allowed to go to the funeral. Lockdown. In three cases of violations, 4,100 people have been booked and we will identify them through video footage. “

    Videos of the incident have gone viral on social media. Many political leaders also attended Shobhan Sarkar’s funeral. According to the SHO, the first case has been registered against 2,000 people at Sunoda Ghat and the second against 1,200 people at Bandi Mata. A third case against 900 people has been registered at Bela Road.

    Shobhan Sarkar, i.e. Suryabhan Tiwari, was a self-proclaimed God of Shobhan village in Shivli area of ​​Kanpur. He came into the limelight in October 2013 when he claimed that he dreamed that a 1,000-ton gold reservoir is buried under the palace of 19th-century chief Rao Ram Bakhsh Singh in Daundia Khera, Unnao. A few days later, an order was issued to excavate the site.

    Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) teams started digging in the area and witnessed thousands of people digging for gold. However, after several days of excavation, when no trace of gold was found in the area, the operation was called off. The Shobhan Sarkar lost his spiritual image after the incident, although his devotees continued to believe him.


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