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    Madhya Pradesh: Coronavirus infection spread in 44 of 52 districts; People from outside were found infected in new cases

    Coronavirus infection has reached 44 out of 52 districts of the state. The travel districts of the new districts where patients are being found. Some come from Gujarat and some from Delhi and Maharashtra. Continuation of the arrival of workers and others trapped in other states is going on. This situation can persist for about 10 days. Districts where new patients are being received. There are not enough resources to take samples there yet. As the scope of the investigation increases, new patients are expected to be exposed. The number of infected patients has reached 4656 till Friday night in the state. The maximum number of patients has been 122 in Indore 2299, Bhopal 961, Ujjain 284, Jabalpur 168, Burhanpur. 240 have died and 2399 infected have gone home.

    The number of Kovid-19 samples in Madhya Pradesh has crossed one lakh on Thursday. A total of 1 lakh 273 people have been sampled so far, out of which report of 93 thousand 894 people has been revealed. At the same time, about 4 thousand samples have been rejected so far. The remaining sample reports are yet to come. The total sample number has reached 32439 in the capital Bhopal and 22694 in Indore. Sampling of 103.8 people per lakh population has been done in the state. At the same time, there is a sampling of 968 per one lakh in Bhopal and 462.5 in Indore.

    Thousands of people are seen everyday migrating to Mubarakpur on Bhopal-Vidisha highway. Workers of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are forced to travel in this way, putting their lives at risk.

    Survey and screening will now be held in the morning, sampling in the evening in the Containment area in Bhopal

    The schedule for health survey, screening and sampling in more than 200 containment areas of the city including Jahangirabad, Mangalwara, Tila Jamalpura, Subhash Nagar was changed on Friday. The health survey and screening will take place in the morning shift in the Containment Area from Saturday. While the sampling of Corona suspects will take place in the evening. The district administration has taken this change in view of the deteriorating health of health workers due to heat. In other hospitals including JP Hospital, Hamidia Hospital, samples of patients with suspected corona will be taken during OPD only. District administration officials said that Asha-Anganbadi workers would conduct a health survey from 9 am to 1 pm in the containment area. While screening every person living in the nursing and paramedical staff containment area. Residents whose positive patients will have contact history or corona symptoms? Samples of that person’s suab will be taken. But, this sample will take a team consisting of GMC, Jaypee Hospital doctors and lab technician from 3 pm to 8 pm.

    Indore: 31 positive in a multi in Malharganj, 70% of these patients are in the third floor

    On Friday, 21 positives were found in the same day at the Mahant Complex, near Malharganj police station. 10 patients have been found here earlier. 31 people have been infected in a multi-fold of 340 people. Patients include a 12-year-old girl. In this also, 70 percent of the patients are living on the third floor. In New Palasia, a member of the Jain family with 40 members has also been infected. There are 2 doctors in the family, so they are being treated by home quarantine. Women from another family in New Palasia are also admitted to Choitharam. In Bijasan Nagar of Pardeshipura police station area, 7 people have been found in Kumharkhadi and 5 patients.

    Local taxis of Mumbai are also seen on the Bhopal-Vidisha highway at this time. People are going to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by these taxis. However, these taxis are not allowed outside Mumbai.

    Corona updates
    • After sampling went to Basoda, 2 reports came out positive, FIR: After sampling the Covid-19, a family arrived in Basoda in Vidisha instead of being quarantined at home. On Friday morning report, a couple of this family turned out to be Corona positive. Mangalwara police have registered a case of lockdown violation on three people of this family on the basis of leaving the house without giving information and causing trouble to others. This is probably the first case registered against a corona positive patient in the state.
    • In 54 days … 4,360 cases i.e. 80 FIRs every day: The Bhopal Police has registered 4360 cases in 54 days. That is, on an average 80 cases per day. In the last 24 hours, 159 cases have been registered in Bhopal. Most of them involve cases of needless two-wheeler and four-wheeler. Crime has been registered against 130 people by monitoring drone cameras. More than 370 people who have gone out of the house without a mask have been accused.
    • Shivpuri: worker going from Gujarat to UP deteriorates in truck, death: Corona suspected laborer died during treatment at the district hospital. He was admitted in unconscious condition on Saturday evening. Laborer laborer Amrit (24) son Ramcharan was a resident of Bandi Balas in Basti district of UP. Amrit was on his way home from Surat in Gujarat.

    Total infected patients 4656:

    Indore 2299, Bhopal 961, Ujjain 284, Jabalpur 168, Burhanpur 122, Khargone 99, Dhar 96, Khandwa 81, Raisen 65, Dewas 58 Mandsaur 57 Neemuch 49, Hoshangabad 37, Gwalior 54, Ratlam 28, Barwani 26, Morena 27, Sagar 17, Vidisha 14, Agramalwa 13, Bhind 16, Rewa 11, Shajapur 8, Satna 8, Jhabua 7, Chhindwara 5, Sehore 5, Sheopur 4, Sidhi 4, Alirajpur 3, Anuppur 3, Harda 3, Shahdol 3, Shivpuri 4, A patient at Tikamgarh 3, Datia 4, Ashoknagar 2, Dindori 2, Betul 1, Guna 1, Mandla 1, Panna 1, Seoni 1, Damoh.

    • 240 killed: Indore 98, Bhopal 35, Ujjain 45, Jabalpur 8, Burhanpur 9, Khargone 8, Dhar 2, Khandwa 8, Raisen 3, Dewas 7, Mandsaur 4, Neemuch 1, Hoshangabad 3, Gwalior 2, Sagar 1, Agramalwa 1, Shajapur 1 , 1 patient has died in Satna 1, Chhindwara 1, Sehore 1, Ashoknagar.
    • Retrieved 2399: Indore 1098, Bhopal 601, Ujjain 146, Jabalpur 79, Burhanpur 13, Khargone 62, Dhar 69, Khandwa 38, Raisen 56, Dewas 18, Mandsaur 12, Neemuch 4, Hoshangabad 32, Gwalior 16, Ratlam 23, Barwani 26, Morena 18 , Sagar 5, Vidisha 13, Agarmalava 12, Rewa 1, Shajapur 7, Chhindwara 2, Sheopur 4, Alirajpur 3, Harda 3, Shahdol 3, Shivpuri 3, Tikamgarh 3, Dindori 1, a patient was recovered in Betul.


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