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    DTC buses left passengers at Ghazipur, Surajmal Vihar, passengers stuck at Ghazipur border

    The government’s claim of making special arrangements for laborers opened when the Delhi-UP border Ghazipur on Friday gathered a large number of workers from Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, not only the passengers who reached Delhi by train. . Not only this, even worse coordination between the state governments came to the fore. Travelers from different districts of UP from Mumbai, Chhattisgarh, Surat, Kota to New Delhi were reached. From here the UP government did not make any arrangement to carry the passengers of its state.

    DTC bus is leaving for different place from New Delhi railway station. All the passengers gathered at Anand Vihar, Ghazipur said that the DTC bus was changed twice and left Surajmal Vihar, Ghazipur. Speak from there – go to Anand Vihar or Ghaziabad border, you will get further ride. Then arrived on foot. In Delhi from 9 am to 10:25 am 9 trains came from different place.

    Delhi Police and UP Police officers appear upset over Ghazipur border

    Officers of Delhi Police and UP Police also looked worried on the Ghazipur border. A police officer said that they roam all over Delhi and allow them to reach here. Here the Ghazipur police station and the policemen of Ghaziabad’s Vaishali get upset. Bhaskar asked that police officer how is the vehicle arranged from here? On this, the policeman said, seeing the crowd, many times they sit in an empty car and send it forward, these people connected to it spread.

    DTC did not tell anyone – bus will be found at UP border

    A senior DTC service official said that Harsha Vihar, Ghazipur, Surajmal Vihar and Kapashera along Haryana border including Ambedkar Terminal, Mehrauli, Narela are also included. One can go wherever he wants by paying the fare. Can not speak on the arrangements of UP.

    No one stopped the pedestrians on the way, be upset

    On the Ghazipur border, the workers arrived on foot from Delhi’s Khyala, Vasant Vihar, Narela, Karol Bagh, Subhash Nagar to go to UP. In Subhash Nagar, a construction laborer was found on the border who wanted to go to Samastipur in Bihar. In this, Lokesh told that now even food is not available in schools. Ramdhari Pandit said that online tickets are available which are booked immediately. Been trying for registration for many days but it did not happen. That is why we have set out to walk and will get ahead from where we got the ride. Thought that by entering UP some means will be found.

    We knew that bus would get UP roadways but no system

    1. Shravan Kumar arrived by train from Chhattisgarh to New Delhi to go to Nandakori in Mathura district of UP. Told that it was said to be taken from there to Anand Vihar, but the bus took off 5 km before and said – the bus will not go beyond this. We knew that we would get a bus from the UP border or go by taxi.
    2. Naushad Ahmed, who drives an auto rickshaw in Mumbai, arrived in New Delhi by train with three young children and a wife. Naushad said there was no problem there. But the first bus left Shivaji Stadium, the second time by bringing Surajmal Vihar.
    3. Zahid Ali came to New Delhi by train from Kota in Rajasthan. He says that he first roamed the bus. Just changed on the way. Before Anand Vihar, he took off that he would get a bus there and go to the Ghaziabad border. Sambal district of UP has to go.


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