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    Maharashtra MLC Election: All 9 candidates including Uddhav Thackeray elected unopposed to Legislative Council, Election Commission may announce soon

    • Elected 4 BJP candidates, NCP and Shiv Sena 2-2 in Maharashtra Legislative Council elections, and one Congress candidate
    • There were 9 vacant seats of the Legislative Council in the state and there were only 9 candidates, so all the candidates were elected unopposed

    All 9 candidates, including Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, have been elected unopposed as members of the Legislative Council. The Election Commission may soon make an official announcement in this regard. News agency PTI quoted an Election Commission official as saying that all the candidates, including Uddhav, have been selected. Actually, 9 seats of the Legislative Council were vacant in Maharashtra. There were only 9 candidates in the fray on Thursday after their nomination. In such a situation, all were elected without elections. Earlier, the commission had set the date of election on 21 May.

    The Congress has played an important role in the uncontested election to the Legislative Council. Because, the Congress had earlier said to field two candidates. However, later the Congress fielded only one candidate. In such a situation there was no need for elections. Congress has fielded 1, BJP 4, NCP 2, Shiv Sena 2 candidates for the 9 seats of the Legislative Council.

    CM Uddhav Thackeray was also in the Legislative Council election from Shiv Sena. He is also elected. Earlier on Wednesday, 4 candidates withdrew their names. At the same time, nomination of an independent candidate Shahbaz Rathore was rejected. After this, there were only 9 candidates left in the fray.

    These 9 people were elected

    B J P: Ramesh Karad, Gopichand Padalkar, Praveen Datke and Ranjit Singh Mohite Patil.

    NCP: Shashikant Shinde and Amol Mitkari.

    Shiv Sena : Chief Ministers Uddhav Thackeray and Neelam Goerhe.

    Congress : Rajesh Rathore

    Uddhav Thackeray was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state on 28 November. For this reason, he was required to be elected a member of either House of the Assembly or Legislative Council. Because the deadline of 6 months was about to end. Please tell that the deadline to withdraw his name from the election ground was only till 14 May. This is the reason that today additional candidates withdrew their names, due to which the need for elections also ended.


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