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    Migrant headed to Odisha from Telangana, walks 300 km, dies of sunstroke

    Hyderabad: There have been reports of accidents with migrant laborers coming from all parts of the country on foot towards their homes. Sometimes the workers are dying in the grip of the train and sometimes they are moving on the road by crushing them. Another sad news comes from Telangana in which a migrant laborer walking from Hyderabad to his home state of Odisha due to the lockdown enforced to control the infection, possibly died of heat stroke in Bhadrachalam after walking 300 km.

    Workers’ group came out of Hyderabad

    Giving information about this, officials said that a group of migrant laborers had left for Hyderabad on Sunday to go to Malkangiri in Odisha. He said that when the group reached Bhadrachalam on Tuesday, this 21-year-old migrant laborer had chest pain and vomited, following which he fell unconscious on the road. His friends informed the police, who admitted him to the hospital in Bhadrachalam. He was declared dead in the hospital.

    The workers had not eaten food for many hours
    Doctors at the hospital said that the person died of heat stroke, possibly because his skin and mouth were dry. He told the person’s friends that none of them had eaten anything since Monday afternoon. Authorities informed the person’s death of the person and arranged for a vehicle to take the body to Malkangiri. The distance by road between Hyderabad and Bhadrachalam is 310 km.


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