Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani has once again become the wealthiest person in Asia. This is due to the partnership between Reliance Jio and Facebook. Ambani’s wealth has increased by $ 49.5 billion (about 3.77 lakh crores) after the partnership with Facebook. This is due to the rise of more than ten percent in Reliance’s stock. Because of this, he has managed to leave behind China’s most prosperous businessman Jack Ma. Mukesh Ambani Solve ranks in the list of billionaires around the world. While Jack Ma is in 20th place. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is still at number 1 with $ 14,300 million.

If we talk about Forbes Real-Time Billionaire, then there is a difference of four places between Mukesh Ambani and Jack Ma. Jack Ma is currently at the 20th position in the world’s rich list, while Ambani Solve is ranked. Jack Ma, who is Asia’s most prominent wealthy, is also behind his compatriot Ma Huateng in China.

Jio becomes the most valuable company.

Jio has become the most valuable company in Reliance Industries after investing in the Jio platform from Facebook. With this, many big companies in the country have also been left behind. Flipkart competes with Amazon: Reliance is working on an ambitious plan to engage millions of grocery shoppers. For this, it has created its new e-commerce platform Geomart. Deals with Facebook will make it easier for them to support grocery shoppers through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. This will give a tough competition to Flipkart and Amazon in the coming days.



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