Pune: 65-year-old man dies today as Ambulance did not reached on time

इसी तरह कुर्सी पर बैठे रहे बुजुर्ग मरीज और तीन घंटे बाद उन्होंने दम तोड़ दिया। एम्बुलेंस वालों की ओर से कहा जा रहा था कि रास्ते में बैरियर लगे हैं इसलिए वे नहीं आ सकते।

A 65-year-old elderly man died due to the system amid the ongoing Corona lockdown in the city. The event is on Friday evening. After the chest pain, an ambulance was called to take the elderly to the hospital, but due to the barrier on the roads, the ambulance did not reach the spot and the patient died after suffering on the road for almost 3 hours.

Delay in suspicion of corona patient

Information about the incident in Nana Peth area of ​​the city was made public on social media by social activist Sudhir Dhaval. According to Sudhir, the area of ​​Nana Peth is a Corona hotspot. So the ambulance people were afraid of coming to this area. Not only this, no auto rickshawala was even ready to take them. After much effort, an autowala was ready but by then the elderly had died.

Died before reaching hospital

Sudhir said, in the hope of saving lives, 65-year-old Yashodas Moti Francis took his son, wife and sister to Sassoon Hospital in an auto at 3 pm. However, according to doctors, he had already died. A video of this incident has also surfaced, in which Francis is seen sitting in a chair in the middle of the road. Family members say that despite calling the hospital, doctors and ambulance service several times, no one came forward to help them.


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