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    Rapid violence spreads in America, curfew in 40 cities including Washington

    Washington: After the death of black man George Floyd, the fire of protest erupted in America is continuously spreading. In view of this, the government has imposed curfew in at least 40 cities including Washington DC. According to CNN, curfew has been imposed in 40 cities and about 5,000 National Guard have been deployed in 15 states and Washington DC. In addition, 2,000 guards have been kept ready so that they can be called to handle the situation immediately if needed.

    Earlier, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien denied that the US police force racial system exists. He told CNN that the matter was being racially colored. He further said, ‘I do not think it is a case of racism. 99.9 percent of our police force are great Americans. Which also includes African American, Hispanic, Asian.

    Black man dies in police custody

    Significantly, this entire controversy is now being seen by associating with apartheid. The video of which a black man died in police custody, whose video also went viral. The police went to apprehend a man named George Floyd on charges of fraud. On seeing George, the police tried to catch him with handcuffs. George opposed it. In response to the protest, a police officer named Derek Chauvin coerced George and slammed him to the ground. George was lying on the ground near the rear wheel of a car parked on the road. And Derek Chauvin climbed over him with his left leg, George was strangled and that too for seven minutes. George kept on crying during this. Kept flirting and kept saying that he could not breathe. leave me.

    A woman was caught on camera by this entire incident. George died due to constant policeman’s neck and since then violence started in the US against it.

    This is not the first time in America when such a movement has been witnessed due to apartheid. In 2014, a similar slaughter took place in police custody, even though the last three words of the person killed were ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’ and now it seems as if the old history is being repeated again in America.

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