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    The government will give loans of up to 10 thousand rupees to 50 lakh vendors, this service will start within a month

    • Finance Minister gave a package of Rs 5000 crores for those working on track, street vendors and handlers
    • Under the Mudra Shishu Loan, a loan of up to 50 thousand will be given a discount of 2%, the benefit of this scheme will be given for 12 months.

     Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday informed the second phase of the breakup of the relief package of 20 lakh crore. In this, he gave a package of 5 thousand crore rupees to support street vendors going through difficult conditions. But how will this package be given? When will it be given? How to get it? We try to understand it.

    Who will get it?

    • The government has issued a special package of Rs. 5000 crore for those working on the track, cart and hawker.

    What will be getting?

    • According to the government, there are 5 million street vendors in the country. The government will give them a loan of 2 thousand to 10 thousand rupees.

    How to get it?

    • The central government will start this scheme online. After this any street vendor will be able to take this loan. They will get a prize on digital payment. Apart from this, more loans can be obtained from the bank, due to which they can increase their business.

    When will it be available?

    • According to the Finance Minister, this service will be started within a month.

    Shishu loan will also be available under the currency

    Under the Mudra Shishu Loan, there will be a discount of 2% on loans up to 50 thousand. The benefit of this scheme will be given for 12 months. 3 crore people will benefit from this scheme. Anyone between the age of 23-28 years can apply for Mudra loan


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