167 Passengers missing from Surat to Haridwar train due to migrants

Train- India TV

The administration is in the forefront of the disappearance of 167 passengers of the Shramik Special train from Surat in Gujarat to Haridwar in Uttarakhand. District Magistrate of Haridwar C Ravi Shankar has ordered an inquiry into the case and has identified the missing people and ordered to register a case against them.

The District Magistrate said that according to the list of passengers provided by the Surat administration, on May 12, 1340 passengers were boarding the Shramik Special train from Surat to Haridwar. He said that when the train was reached Haridwar railway station, when the passengers were counted, they left 1173, i.e. a total of 167 people were missing.

The Haridwar administration was stirred as soon as the number of 167 passengers was reduced in the count. Ravi Shankar said that information is also being taken again from Surat administration in this matter whether these 167 people had even boarded the train or not.

He said that if these people boarded the train from Surat but have disappeared somewhere along the way, the administration would identify these people and a case would be registered against these people. The District Magistrate said that after the health check-up of the migrants after reaching here, they will be kept in separate residence centers or separate wards as per the requirement.


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