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    The height of Ganesh idol will decrease in Kheratabad, every year the highest statue of the country is established here

    • Statue will be much smaller this year than 61 feet in 2019
    • Idol construction starts from May, but all closed due to lockdown

    Coronavirus and lockdown are going to have an impact on this year’s festivals as well. The ten-day Ganesh Utsav will begin from 22 August this year. Ganesh Utsav of Kheratabad in Hyderabad district is famous all over the country. The tallest Ganesh idol is installed here in the country. The impact of Corona on Ganesh festival is clearly visible this year.

    Hyderabad is currently in the Red Zone. For this reason there is a strict lockdown. Last year, a statue of 61 feet high, weighing around 50 tonnes, was installed here at a cost of one crore. The height of Ganesh idol is likely to decrease in 2020.

    Ganesh idol in Kheratabad will remain low

    The discussion is that if the effect of lockdown and corona goes a little further, then perhaps a very small statue can be installed contrary to the tradition here. However, the committee has not taken any decision on this yet. But, it is almost certain that this year the appearance of Ganesh festival will not be as grand as in previous years.

    Work begins three months ago

    In 2019, the work of making the 61-foot-high statue started in May. The idol-making has not started yet due to the lockdown. Neither any other work has been done. Khertabad Ganesh festival organizer S.K. The prince said that according to the circumstances of the time of Ganesh festival, according to this, a Ganesh statue will be installed here.

    Ganeshotsav program to be decided after lockdown

    The highest statue is installed here every year, but this time the circumstances are opposite. Nothing has been decided yet regarding the height of the statue. After the lockdown opens, all conditions will be considered and an outline of the event will be prepared.

    60-70 thousand people used to visit

    Last year, 60-70 thousand people were reaching here during the Ganesh festival. The idol of Ganesha is carved in an open space and on a high platform. More than 200 members of the committee were engaged in protecting the devotees, but this year the situation has changed due to Kovid-19. Ganesh Utsav will be organized according to the rules of government.

    2019 में स्थापित गणेशजी की प्रतिमा। खेरताबाद में 1954 से हर साल भव्य गणेश उत्सव मनाया जा रहा है।

    Ganesh Utsav has been celebrating every year since 1954

    Khairatabad Ganesh Utsav Samiti was formed in 1954 by freedom fighter fighter S.K. Shankaraya did it. Since then a grand statue of Ganesha is installed here every year. s. After Shankaraya his brother S. S. with Sudarshan Rajkumar and his family organize Ganesh Utsav.

    The committee is helping the needy people

    Kheratabad Ganesh Utsav Samiti these days is busy helping the needy people. s. Rajkumar said that the members of the committee are providing food to around 600-700 people every morning and evening. This service work will continue in the future.


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