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    The Importance of Using a Proof of Delivery System

    When you already have a growing online business, sending out your customer’s products can become difficult. You will need to hire a few extra hands to package the products, buy more boxes and containers to place the products, and track all deliveries. You should know that tracking deliveries is every online business’ nightmare because they usually do not have control over it.


    They would either have to wait for the customer to leave a review on your website to show they have received your product or keep refreshing and checking the courier company’s website until it shows that it has been delivered. No need to fret because you can use a proof of delivery app, which helps run your business efficiently. 


    Get Instant Alerts

    There is nothing better for online businesses than to know that their customers have received their product. As mentioned a while ago, keeping an eye on the status of the orders you shipped out can be tedious because you have to keep checking on the courier company’s website for the status. 


    However, you can finally avoid checking on the computer because of a proof of delivery app. What makes the app amazing is that you can use it on your phone, making you track if orders have been delivered to your customers at a moment’s notice. In most cases, the delivery would arrive, and you will get an alert within a few seconds!


    Complete Proof of Delivery
    7 dicas para reduzir o tempo de entrega do delivery

    Once you check that the delivery vehicle has already dropped off the package, are you certain your customers received it? That is why proof of deliveries exist. They can either be in a signature or a photo of the customer holding the package. However, the delivery personnel would take their time sending the photo, and they might even forget it at times. No need to fret because using a proof of delivery app sends you real-time proof of deliveries, letting you know that your customers have the product with them. 


    Learn About Delivery Issues as Quickly as Possible

    In rare instances, customers would leave a bad review on the online store they have bought from because the product arrived with missing parts or was destroyed. While it may have been sent out completely fine, the customers received it with tons of issues. But when you have the app, the delivery personnel can send out a photo that shows that the product has damage, which you may have to replace at once. While it may cause you to lose profit, it helps you maintain positive customer satisfaction.


    Show Off Your Brand’s Name and Logo

    A good thing about proof of delivery apps is that you can display your brand name and logo as your customers sign their signatures on the delivery personnel’s device. It is a good tactic to give your business brand some exposure because others might see it and get curious, so they will check it for themselves. The better you spread your brand, the more chances you will gain more customers to buy from your business. 


    Do not forget that there are many tools you can use to make your business successful, and one of those tools is the proof of delivery apps. Running your business will be less stressful now that you can get the proof of delivery seconds after your customer receives it. 



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