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    Three children burnt to death due to fire in three-storey house, 7 have lost their lives, 11 have been rescued


    • The fire was so strong that the administration had to call the army to take the front
    • 10 fire engines and oxygen cylinders were also sent on the spot

    A three-storey house on Roshni Ghar Road in the city caught fire around 9.30 am on Monday. 7 people died in the accident. Two girls are also among those who died. The accident occurred just 100 meters from the police station at Inderganj intersection. So far, 11 people have been rescued. More than 25 people live in the house.

    Dead bodies of two girls met in scorching condition
    Two girls Shubhi and Abhi were trapped there after the house caught fire. His burnt corpse was later recovered. The body of a 10-year-old child was also found. It is being told that the fire was caused by a short circuit. There was a shop in the house, which kept a lot of oil paint. The fire broke out so fast after being exposed to paint that the people living here did not get a chance to escape. Smoke rising from the building was also visible from about 3 kilometers away.

    The fire spread so fast that family members did not get a chance to recover. When the death of innocent people is detected, the family shouts.

    The administration immediately called the army

    Seeing the fire uncontrolled, the Gwalior district administration asked the army to take up the front. The Army’s rescue team reached the spot and rescued some people from there. 10 fire brigade carts and oxygen cylinders were transported. People have been admitted to Jaya Arogya Hospital. Some people are also injured, whose condition is said to be critical.

    More than 25 people live in the house. The rescue team took out the bodies of two girls and a child in a scorched condition from here.

    Wounded and extracted dead bodies by breaking wall of adjacent house

    The team of Gwalior Air Force fire brigade was controlled by putting foam on the fire. The bodies and the injured were taken out after breaking the wall of the adjacent house. The rescue team has not yet declared the site clean. The entire house is full of gas. Oxygen cylinders are called on the spot. After this, the inside will be searched once again.

    Children found in different rooms
    An eyewitness says that the house where the fire has taken place is much larger than inside. When the fire brigade team asked about the children after overcoming the fire, they did not know in which room the children were. The children met in two different rooms. He died of scorching and suffocation.

    The fire spread so fast that people trapped in the house did not get a chance to escape.The shop owner says that the spark of the fire came out of the meter and went down through the wires. I came to know of the fire when there was a fire in the carton of Tarpin kept near my seat in the shop. I picked up a carton of 6 cans of turpentine to throw in a burning condition. At the same time, a box fell from the carton and a fire spread to the entire store.


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