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    Tour of Duty Indian Army Recruitment Process News Today Updates; Retired Lieutenant General General Satish and Syed Ata Hasnain | .

    • Retired Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain: Army recruitment has its own standards and never compromised on it
    • Retired Lieutenant General Satish Dua: Does tour of duty mean josh-e-jawani or how is the josh?

    New Delhi. Indian Army has brought a new proposal related to recruitment, named Tour of Duty. In which the general youth will be given entry as an officer and jawan in the army for three years. Some things are still clear about this while there is confusion about some. Two retired lieutenant generals are explaining this tour of duty better.

    Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain: Army recruitment has its own standards and has never compromised on it
    A strong 130 million-strong Indian Army is always in need of manpower, a dynamic pattern of recruitment. Which depend on the social environment and budget parameters.

    The Army has its own standards of recruitment and has not compromised on them for years. The 1991 economic revolution raised the expectations of the traditional manpower base that officers offer.

    The second issue is the ratio of man cadre and support cadre. That is, those who are on the permanent contract and those who are on the contract. In the professional army around the world the man cadre is small and the support cadre is large, around 1: 5. Whereas the opposite is true in India.

    After the proposal of the tour of duty is implemented, the common citizens of the country will also get a chance to serve in the army for three years.

    In this new proposal of tour of duty, you will be able to work in frontline operation unit for three years. Which will reduce the expenses related to recruitment and exit from the army and their abilities can be used well in the rest of their careers. Which will be possible and better way too.

    There is currently no confidence in this experiment of the Army, it will require that the government intervene in it so that it is possible.

    This proposal is still on the initial stage. It is legitimate to be criticized because it talks about changing the rules that have been in the army for a long time. But it has to be remembered that the army budget is limited, the demand is high and it needs to be spent on modernization by saving revenue.

    Retired Lieutenant General Satish Dua: Does tour of duty mean josh-e-jawani or how is the josh?

    Today’s youth appears to have a strong patriotic fervor. There are many who want to join the army, but it is not acceptable to make it a career. For them, the army has brought a new entry scheme which gives them the opportunity of tour of duty for three years. Which will not only give them a great experience, but will also prepare them to be a good citizen and leader.

    Even for MBA courses, work experience is required now, so tour of duty will also be a good option here.

    This scheme will be for both officers and jawans. And their package will be much better than civil scale. For officers between 60-80 thousand and soldiers of 30-50 thousand.

    According to sources, the army has also conducted a study on tour of duty. It has been revealed that crores of rupees will also be saved from this army.This approach is slightly different from short service commission. In the short service commission, when an officer retires from the army after 14 years of service, he has passed 30 years of his age and it is difficult for him to start his second innings.

    This will lead the youth towards progress amidst the common problems of leaving the job. Looking at everything, I think it is a win-win situation for all. The youth will gain experience and become disciplined citizens and better leaders. The country will get good citizens and the army will get young officers and soldiers. Moreover, the revenue budget of pension will also not increase. Senses with passion.

    It should be mentioned that Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra is encouraging about this that these youth will be given jobs after three years.


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