Transparent curtains and glass chambers will hear in police stations and outposts



Faridabad. In view of the Korena infection, police is slowly starting public dealing in police stations and outposts. For this, there will be a separate place to listen to the complaint in the police station. Transparent plastic and glass chambers are being used to maintain the prescribed distance. This arrangement is being done in all the police stations and outposts.
According to Police Spokesperson Sube Singh, Police Commissioner KK Rao has instructed all the Police Manager and Outpost Incharge to take this step to avoid corona infection. CP said to maintain proper distance while listening to the complaint. Separate spaces should be prepared for public dealing in police stations and outposts. At the time of public dealing, transparent plastic, glass chambers, etc. should be arranged between the police and the public.

All station managers will ensure that there is no dearth of hand washes, sanitizers, masks for all police personnel working in the police station. The police spokesperson said that there would be less possibility of infection among policemen due to the transparent plastic and glass chamber between police and public during the hearing. The social distancing maintenance of the complainant coming to the police station will remain.


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