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    Uttar Pradesh: So far 4605 positive: 147 patients recovered in 24 hours, government breaks certificate on Priyanka Gandhi’s buses

    The number of Covid-19 patients is increasing steadily in Uttar Pradesh. On Monday also 147 patients were sent home from various Covid-19 hospitals, while the total number of patients is 4605. Of these, only 1704 active patients are left in the state. So far 2783 corona positives have been discharged in the state on recovery. Meanwhile, on the letter of the Congress providing one thousand buses to take home the migrant laborers of UP trapped in the lockdown, the UP government reversed all documents, including the fitness certificate of the buses and the license of the drivers till ten o’clock in Lucknow. Have asked to submit to DM office. However, Priyanka Gandhi’s personal secretary has responded by saying that the government’s move seems politically motivated.

    Priyanka Gandhi’s personal secretary responded to the government’s move

    A letter war has started between the UP government and Priyanka Gandhi on a letter from the Congress to provide one thousand buses to take home the migrant laborers of UP trapped in lockdown. First the government asked for the list of buses, after this, by Tuesday at 10 o’clock, all the documents including the fitness certificate of the buses and the license of the drivers have been asked to be submitted to the Lucknow DM office. Late night, a letter was issued on behalf of Priyanka Gandhi’s personal secretary, saying that this demand seems to be completely politically motivated. So a letter sent by Congress by Chief Secretary Avnish Kumar Awasthi to Priyanka’s private secretary Asked for fitness certificate of thousands of buses and full details of drivers.

    He wrote that please take the trouble to provide all the buses along with their fitness certificate and driver’s driving license as well as full details of the operator to District Collector Lucknow in Vrindavan Yojna Sector 15-16 at 9 am on Tuesday. After this letter from Awasthi, Priyanka Gandhi wrote a letter to the private secretary at 2 o’clock in the night and replied that you have spoken about handover of buses in Lucknow at 10:00 am, including all 1000 bus documents. He wrote that sending 1000 empty settlements to Lucknow is not only a waste of time and a waste of resources. He wrote that this demand of your government seems completely inspired by politics.

    The workers who returned from Maharashtra said – If they did not run away, they would die of hunger

    This picture is from Varanasi. Workers continue to come here from Maharashtra. Workers who come here say that if they did not run away, they would have died of hunger.

    The number of corona infected has reached 101 in Varanasi. Where 68 people have recovered, then 4 people have died. Despite the lakh claims, migrant laborers are visible on Rajatlab, Rohaniyan, Babatpur, Choubepur highway. Corona’s knock in the villages has raised concerns. Returning laborers from Maharashtra, Jhabbu said that he used to work as a plumber. If we did not run away, we would die of hunger. Seth did not even give money and the people there do not want us to live there.

    Road accident in Mahoba, 3 women killed

    The flock of workers was returning home from Delhi on foot. The police stopped the workers walking on foot from the Madhya Pradesh border to the UP border and put them in a DCM passing through the highway. The DCM was loaded with heavy machinery. The DCM was uncontrolled and overturned near Mahua diversion on Jhansi-Mirzapur highway. All migrants were buried under DCM and heavy machines. By the time relief work began, three women workers had died. The deceased women include Hira Devi, wife of Hemprakash, resident of Pawa village of Srinagar police station, Kharela, Santoshi, wife of Dayaram, and Anita, wife of Kalicharan, resident of village Vihar in Jaitpur outpost.

    18 new patients found in Ayodhya

    On Monday, 18 new corona patients were found in Ayodhya. Ayodhya DM Anuj Jha has confirmed this. At the same time, CMO in Bahraich has told about 10 new cases. Five new cases have been reported in Rae Bareli. CMO has also given information about this.

    Improvement in the health of patients in Kanpur

    There is a relief news from Kanpur amid increasing infection of Coranavirus. The situation in Kanpur, which recorded an increase of 10 times in the cases of Kovid-19 in the second fortnight of April, is currently under control. On Monday, 26 patients were discharged from the hospital. With a total of 316 cases and 269 discharges in the district, the recovery rate of patients in Kanpur has increased to 85.12 percent.


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