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    Ways to Remove the Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft

    Have you ever received a message saying – Pornographic Virus? NEVER click on such links or call on the numbers listed. Why? Because it is nothing but a scam! But do not worry as you can easily fix this issue. Continue reading this post to know who you can remove the Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft without running to a professional!

    What are the Pornographic Virus Alerts from Microsoft?

    These alerts are nothing but malware that seizes your web browsers. This malware locks your current browser in full-screen mode and then displays a pop-up message that looks like it is sent by the Microsoft Support team. But these messages are sent by scammers who are trying to get access to your computer or laptop. And they get it; they will start blackmailing you and ask you to pay money to fix that problem.

    How to Remove Pornographic Virus Alerts?

    To remove these pornographic virus alerts from Microsoft, just force close the web browser you are using. Then go to the CONTROL PANEL < UNINSTALL A PROGRAM to remove the malicious application. And then go to the SETTINGS < VIRUS & THREAT PROTECTION, and select QUICK SCAN. And once you are done with the removal of that malicious app, you can run a virus scan to fix everything. And for this, you will need to do the following:

    •         Open the start menu of the windows again
    •         In the search bar, type ‘Virus & Threat Protection’ and open it
    •         Now, click on the option ‘Start Actions’. If there is any virus detected by the system, it will be listed under the option ‘Current Threats’. Simply skip this you do not see any such button
    •         Lastly, click on the Quick Scan and your windows will start scanning the system for malicious files

    After removing the malicious apps, you will need to reset your browsers’ settings again to ensure that the virus is removed completely from your device. Continue reading to know more about the ways to reset your browser settings for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

    How to Reset Chrome to Remove the Pornographic Alerts?

    To reset your Chrome browse, you will need to click on the 3-dot icon available in the top-right corner. After this, follow the points listed below:

    •         Open the menu option of Chrome by clicking on the 3-dot option
    •         Now, choose the option ‘Settings’ from the drop-down list
    •         Then scroll down to select and click on the ‘Advanced’ option available at the bottom of the browser’s window
    •         Now, select the option ‘Reset Settings to their Original Defaults’. This option is available under ‘Reset and Clean up’
    •         Finally, click on the ‘Reset Settings’ to complete the process

    How to Reset Your Microsoft Edge Browser?

    To reset your Microsoft Edge browser and remove pornographic virus alerts, you will need to follow the steps mentioned here:

    •         Open the ‘Windows Search Bar’. This can be done by clicking the ‘magnifying glass icon’ available in the bottom-left corner
    •         Now type ‘Apps & Features’ into the search bar and press the ‘Open’ button
    •         Scroll down to choose the Microsoft Edge
    •         Now, go to the ‘Advanced’ options
    •         Scroll down again to click on the ‘Reset’ option
    •         Click on the ‘Reset’ option in the pop-up box to complete the process

    Ways to Reset Mozilla Firefox for Pornographic Virus Alerts

    To reset your Firefox browser, you will need to follow the steps mentioned here:

    •         Open your Firefox browser in the system
    •         Now, go to the Firefox Menu by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines situated in the top-right corner
    •         Click ‘Help’ from the drop-down to move further
    •         After this, choose ‘Troubleshooting Information’
    •         Find the ‘Refresh Firefox’ option and click on it
    •         Lastly, click on the option ‘Refresh Firefox’ in the pop-up to complete the process

    Whenever you encounter these pornographic virus alerts from Microsoft, DO NOT call the numbers posted. So, next time when you got any virus alert without wasting your time or fretting out, follow the steps mentioned in this post to remove and fix the issue yourself or you can also connect with a reputed company to fix the same


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