Yogi government asked Priyanka Gandhi for 1 thousand buses detail, then got this answer

Priyanka Gandhi- India TV

The Yogi government of UP has accepted Priyanka Gandhi’s proposal of one thousand buses and asked them to provide a list of one thousand buses, names of drivers and operators and other details. After the proposal was accepted, Priyanka Gandhi tweeted and thanked Yogi Sarkar.

He tweeted, “Yogi Adityanath ji it is our moral obligation and right to save human life in the time of pandemic, protect the poor, protect their dignity. Congress in this difficult time with its full potential and service to its duties Is following. These buses are an extension of our service. “

Priyanka Gandhi further said that thank you for allowing us to run 1000 buses at the expense of Congress, to help thousands of siblings walking in UP. On behalf of the UP Congress, I assure you that we will stand up to face this crisis with our brothers and sisters of Uttar Pradesh who are suffering due to the epidemic and its consequent lockdown.


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