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    348 people lost their lives in last 3 days, death toll in Maharashtra reached near one thousand

    • 225 corona patients die in Madhya Pradesh, 198 people lost their lives in West Bengal so far
    • Maharashtra suffered the maximum death of 53 people on Tuesday, 24 deaths occurred in Gujarat.

    The death toll in the country due to Corona infection has increased to 2441. In the last day, 348 people lost their lives. On Wednesday, 3 patients died in Rajasthan, 1 in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Bihar. On Tuesday, a record 141 infected people died. It is the highest in a day’s deaths so far. The highest number of deaths was 126 on 5 May. The death toll in Maharashtra has reached close to a thousand. So far 921 people have lost their lives in the state.

    Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths on Tuesday

    On Tuesday, 53 people died in Maharashtra. 24 infected people died in Gujarat. So far 537 patients have died here. Delhi also recorded a record 20 deaths so far. With this, the death toll has now increased to 106. On the other hand, Delhi had 13 deaths while Tamil Nadu and West Bengal had 8–8 deaths. 4 in Rajasthan, 4 in Madhya Pradesh, 2-2 in Uttar Pradesh and Telangana, 1-1 in Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Punjab succumbed. 81 people died on Monday.

    नोएडा से आई 'गुड न्यूज', कोरोना के करीब 60 प्रतिशत मरीज हुए ठीक- India TV

    342 deaths in previous days

    The graph of deaths from corona in the country is increasing rapidly. In the last three days, 342 people died. Now there are 6 states in the country where more than 100 deaths have taken place.

    Where many deaths from infection?

    States Total Deaths 
    Maharashtra 921
    Gujarat 537
    Madhya Pradesh 225
    West Bengal 198
    Rajasthan 120
    Delhi 106
    Uttar Pradesh 82
    Andra Pradesh 47
    Tamil Nadu 61
    Telangana 32
    Karnataka 32
    Punjab 32
    Jammu Kashmir 10
    Haryana 11
    Bihar 07
    Jharkhand 03
    Himachal Pradesh 03
    Kerala 03
    Assam 04
    Uttarakhand 01
    Meghalaya 01
    Odisha 03
    Chandigarh 03
    Puducherry 01
    The total 2441

    Top 7 cities where maximum deaths occurred

    City Deaths
    Mumbai 556
    Ahmedabad 421
    Pune 164
    Kolkata 135
    Indore 92
    Jaipur 60
    Ujjain 45



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