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    Accident in UP-MP-Bihar and Maharashtra, 16 laborers died, more than 100 injured


    New Delhi: Due to the lockdown, a large number of migrant laborers are returning to their homes from other states. Governments are also making all efforts to drive laborers to their homes by running trains and buses. But the laborers are still forced to travel for hundreds of kilometers on foot. In such a situation, 16 workers going home were killed and more than 100 workers were injured in road accidents in the three states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar on Tuesday and late Tuesday.

    The first incident is from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. A very painful news came here late on Wednesday night. 6 people have died in this accident, while many others have been injured. Some of whom are also in critical condition. Roadways bus has crushed the workers going on foot.

    Let us know that when the workers returning from Punjab on foot late in the city reached the Kotwali area, a high speed roadways bus coming from behind crushed them. In which 6 died tragically and many others are injured. They were all native to Bihar and were returning home from Punjab on foot.

    According to the information, 6 workers of Bihar, who were returning on foot from Punjab, were crushed by a high-speed roadways bus near the Rohana toll plaza ahead of Ghalouli check post on Muzaffarnagar-Saharanpur State Highway late on Wednesday. Due to which 6 workers died on the spot and their partners were injured.

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    On getting information about this sad incident, there was a stir in the police administration. Then the police reached the spot, took the dead bodies and got the injured workers brought to the district hospital and admitted. According to the police, the deceased laborers are residents of Gopalganj district of Bihar, who were returning on foot from Punjab.

    At the same time, the second incident happened in Guna of Madhya Pradesh. Here 8 workers have died in a road accident. A container and passenger bus have collided in Guna. In which 8 workers were killed and more than 50 were injured. The injured laborers have been admitted to the district hospital.

    Let me tell you that this tragic incident happened in the police station area of ​​Guna late on Wednesday night. According to the information, about 65 workers were going from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh in a container. During this time, the passenger bus and container coming from the front on Guna bypass collided. The driver of the container escaped after the accident.

    Guna administration was stirred up on hearing the news of this painful accident. After reaching the spot after the accident, the police took the dead bodies and sent them for postmortem and got the injured admitted to the district hospital.

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    At present, the dead have not been identified. But all the workers who died are said to be residents of UP. The police of Cantt police station is engaged in the investigation of this entire case.

    रोहतक में बिना शैड्यूल के प्रवासी मजदूरों को सूचना मिल गई की रेलवे स्टेशन से ट्रेन जा रही है। यह सुनते ही प्रवासी मजदूर सामान उठाकर स्टेशन की तरफ दौड़ लिए। इसकी सूचना पुलिस को लगी तो पुलिस ने आनन-फानन में उन्हें रोका।

    The third accident has happened in Bihar. Here, 2 workers have died in the accident. In fact, a bus and truck collided near Shankarpur Chowk in Ujiarpur police station area of ​​Samastipur district. In which two workers were killed, while more than 5 have been injured. All these workers were going from Muzaffarpur towards Katihar. These people were returning to their homes from Mumbai.

    The fourth traumatic incident occurred in Nashik, Maharashtra. The truck overturned near Kalni Gate on Ghoti-Sinnar Highway near Nashik. There were 53 laborers in the truck, who were going to Orissa. All the people are injured in this incident while 3 laborers are seriously injured. 4 thousand rupees were taken from every laborer to sit in this truck. After the incident, the driver escaped from the spot while the cleaner was caught by the people.


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