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    After 56 days Darbar Sahib opened in Amritsar, 15,000 people arrived on the first day

    All the religious places across the country are closed due to Corona, but Amritsar shrines are seen in huge crowd. There is neither concern for health, nor any fear of law. Nearly 15 thousand devotees also reached the Golden Temple Shri Harimandir Sahib on Sunday after 56 days. On Monday, the crowd gathered at the Bhadrakali fair freed the sweat of the temple committee.

    Earlier on Saturday, the doors of Shri Durgiana Tirtha opened. For three days, a large crowd of devotees has been gathering there. The district administration has asked to issue notice to the Bhadrakali Temple Committee, while the Golden Temple management also left the task of controlling the crowd.

    55 days of silence are in both places

    In fact, the Golden Temple and Sri Durgiana Tirtha are major centers of faith in Amritsar, Punjab. There are millions of crowds on normal days. As a precaution, the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee reduced its staff to the Golden Temple complex. The district and police administration have barricaded outside. In such a situation, there was a kind of silence at both these places for 55 days. After this, as soon as the curfew was heard in Punjab, the crowd started gathering here once again.

    SGPC staff serving the sanitizer serious at the health of devotees at the Golden Temple.

    After sanitization, devotees are being allowed to enter

    On Sunday, 15 thousand Sangat visited Shri Darbar Sahib. Sangat paid obeisance to Vahe Guru and prayed to save humanity from this epidemic. Similarly, other crowds were seen on Monday. However, it was less than the first day. On the other hand, every precaution is being said by SGP. The devotees are being allowed to go ahead only after sanitization.

    Seeing the enthusiasm of Sangat, the manager of Darbar Sahib told that in the coming days the situation will be like before. Mukhtiar Singh, the manager of Darbar Sahib, has appealed to come for darshan, but must keep the mask and social distancing. Do not sit for long after the revision. Do it while walking.

    The fair of Mother Bhadrakali started on Monday, the rules are broken

    On Monday, the annual fair of Apara Ekadashi of Jyeshtha month has started in the 900-year-old Siddhapeetha Mata Shri Bhadrakali Temple located at Gate Khazan. The temple management was claiming to take complete precaution. Despite this, so many people reached here. The temple committee had to sweat a lot to control the crowd of devotees.

    Amritsar is the most corona positive in the state

    It is also worth noting that Amritsar stands at the top in Punjab in terms of corona infection. Here, 4 of 5 have died, including Mr. Durbar Sahib’s former Hujuri Ragi Bhai Nirmal Singh and an auto driver, while 307 people have been confirmed of infection in the district so far. Even though this district was not so sensitive before the arrival of devotees from Nanded in the past.
    About the opening of the Golden Temple to devotees, the manager Mukhtiar Singh made it clear that the tradition is not going to break in any condition inside. Even if the Sangat does not come, it is the responsibility of the district administration. When Dainik Bhaskar spoke to the deputy commissioner about the statement of the manager of the Golden Temple, he asked the police commissioner to talk to him. However, in relation to the overcrowding at the Bhadrakali fair, Deputy Commissioner Shivdular Singh Dhillon has asked to issue notice to the temple committee. Now the way everyone is putting responsibility on each other, it is clear that nobody cares about the lives of thousands of people. People themselves are not even agreeing. The administration can explain, can do a little bit of hardening, but in reality the whole game is about awareness.


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