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    Americans speak that Donald Trump fails on the Corona front

    According to a new research two-thirds of Americans believe that to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, US President Donald Trump took the decision too late. They have failed badly on this front. The Pew Research Center released the survey on Thursday. In this survey, 4917 American adults have been studied in the month of April.

    Participants were asked whether the move by the Trump government to prevent the spread of corona came early or late. In response to this question, 65 percent of people said that Trump took a decision too late. When the participants were asked about the problems caused by the epidemic in America, 73 percent said that the worst time is yet to come.

    The survey also found that 39 percent of Americans believe that Trump is correctly depicting the condition of the coronavirus. At the same time, 52 percent of Americans say that Trump is not telling the truth according to the situation and 8 percent of people believe that Trump is making the situation worse by his words.

    Trumps designed a three-pronged strategy: Pew’s research comes at a time when Trump has come up with a three-pronged strategy to normalize life in America. This strategy has been made for more states where testing facilities are more and the number of patients is decreasing. The new strategy aims to ease restrictions on states with fewer cases. The same is to follow stricter rules at the hotspot. These strategies suggest that it may take a long time for normal life to become normal.

    Federal officials have warned that it is necessary to follow the rules of social distancing by the end of the year. In the first phase, it will be mandatory to follow social distancing among the people. More than 10 people cannot gather in one place and will not be allowed to travel unnecessarily. The second phase will encourage people to maintain social distancing. Not more than 50 people will be able to gather in one place and will be allowed to travel. All Americans will be tried to normalize all Americans in the third phase and the identity of new transitions and the work of isolation will continue.

    2.2 crore people asked for unemployment allowance: The Unemployment rate among Americans is increasing due to the closure of trade due to coronavirus lockdown. So far 22 million Americans have applied for unemployment allowances. In the last one week, about 5200000 people have applied for benefits to the unemployed.

    According to the Labor Department, since 1967, the number of applications filed for unemployment allowance has just gone up. This has increased the pressure on the employment agency in the state and they are facing shortage of funds. During the recession in 2007, job cuts were gradual. But this time many traders lost their jobs simultaneously as soon as the order of lockdown came.

    The country’s official unemployment rate rose to 4.4 percent in March. It was 3.5% in February. According to Fitch Ratings chief economist Brian Coulton, the unemployment rate could rise to 15 in April.

    • 70 percent of people said that the worst time is yet to come.
    • 66 percent of the people do not want the lockdown to end soon.
    • 52% says that Trump is not telling the truth according to the situation.
    • Agree to continue the lockdown: When the participants were asked about the lifting of the ban by the state governments, 66 percent said they were more concerned about the ban getting over soon.


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