China, the starter spot of Novel Corona Virus pandemic cases spreading and the spreading of crisis now affected the entire world. But cases and deaths were stopped suddenly in China in some previous days. No one of the nations convinced from this suddenly prevention of China, as other countries are affecting more and more day by day.

But yesterday report of China is so shocking as China suddenly informed the world of 1290 deaths. US President Donald Trump is not convinced from this report of China provided to the world. And not only the US, while the whole nations are in dark about these deaths.

Trump said that this number of deaths is actually more than US Corona deaths. Trump also tweeted on Friday, April 17 and announced globally that China has doubled the deaths of COVID-19, the number of deaths are not around of US data or even close but are so high.

Wuhan the epicentre of COVID-19 has increased the 50% of deaths suddenly. The deaths shown earlier by the official of China was 2579 due to Corona, but in actual was 3869 deaths. The new data figure shown by China is by adding 1290 to 2579 deaths.


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