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    Bhopal’s Liquor Baron hires 180 Seater Plane for 3 Family Members to Fly to Delhi

    May 28, 2020, Bhopal’s high net worth individual on Wednesday hired an Airbus 320, a 180 seater commercial plane, to fly his daughter, two grandsons, and a housemaid from Bhopal to Delhi.

    The development is coming at a time when the aviation ministry opened the air routes for domestic flights to thrive, and also when lakhs of migrant laborers are struggling to get back to their homes by walking thousands of kilometers in the absence of any transport.

    When approached over the phone, Jagdish Arora lambasted over the phone while denying such development by sayings, ‘’ Why the media is getting into personal things?’’

    Sources confirmed that HNI is identified to be Jagdish Arora of Som Distilleries who hired 180 seater airplane, spent over 20 lakhs for the one-way ride, despite the availability of options.

    ‘’ The plane took from New Delhi on Wednesday at 09.30 AM, reached Bhojraj International airport in Bhopal at 10.30 AM and then started at 11.30 AM from there and arrived New Delhi by 12:55 PM,’’ said one of the employees, on the condition of anonymity, whose company has offered the charted service to Mr. Arora.

    The cost of hiring an Airbus varies between 5-6 lakhs per hour plus the aviation turbine fuel. 

    “Due to a slump in crude oil prices these days, the airlines and charter companies are offering service at very decent rates. As the oil prices are low at this moment, the HNI don’t mind coughing up money for their loved ones as they are concerned about flying in a crowd during a pandemic, said a top rank official in DGCA.


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