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    Common Questions Amongst Users About Smokeless Tobacco or Heat-not burn Products

    Heated tobacco or Heat-not-burn products or what we call smokeless tobacco are getting familiar in the market nowadays. The main advantage is that they are heated at a particularly high temperature without creating any smoke. It is quite different from e-cigarettes too. 

    The tobacco industry seems to be investing a lot of its time and money in the development and marketing of these heat-not-burn products. You can check the site of Stick sales where you can get Neo Cigarettes in different varieties like the Siberian creamberry, polar blackcurrant, watermelon click and many more. 

    Common questions that we users want to know about Smokeless Tobacco

    What is present in the heated tobacco?

    An electronic device is used here that will heat the sticks of tobacco with a help of electricity. This will create a vapour that can be inhaled by the user. The vapour contains nicotine, chemicals and other substances that are found in traditional tobacco too. 

    Is it safe to use heated tobacco?

    According to some research evidence, it is seen that heated tobacco products produce vapour unlike the smoke created by cigarettes. Thus, the amount of nicotine coming out of this device is less and even the harmful chemicals are at a lower level. But we can say that these chemicals are still there in the device, unlike e-cigarettes. Thus, using them can still cause some harmful side effects on your health. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are a good option as it doesn’t have harmful chemicals, but it is said that it doesn’t have tobacco too which doesn’t appeal much to the audience.

    Is heated tobacco product similar to e-cigarettes?

    No, and the biggest difference is that heated tobacco got tobacco leaves present in it whereas e-cigarettes don’t have it. Also, the positive thing about e-cigarettes is that it does not contain nicotine in it. Thus, they are safer as compared to heated products. E-cigarettes are in the market for a longer time, and that is the reason their evidence is more when it comes to their benefits and risks.

    Can smokers quit smoking using heated tobacco?

    There is no such evidence that heated tobacco products can help quit smoking. In such cases, you can look out for other options that can help you with different options to quit smoking. If medication doesn’t help you here, you can try e-cigarettes.

    How popular are the heat-not-burn products?

    It was seen that in 2017, around 1.7% of adults in Great Britain had tried these heat-not-burn products. Their usage is very higher in Japan, where e-cigarettes are banned. Therefore, their usage is very high amongst people in Japan and people find it a good alternative to tobacco products. In UK and US, their usage remains rare while e-cigarette markets have been well-established by the time IQOS was launched.

    To conclude, heated tobacco is a more popular option since 2016, for all those smokers who want to use tobacco with less harm or risk to their health. This lower exposure to tobacco means a lower risk of getting harmful diseases like cancer, heart diseases and respiratory problems. 


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