Corona virus returned to Goa, 8 new positive cases reported

गोवा में वापस लौटा कोरोना, 8 नए पॉजिटिव मामले सामने आए

In Goa, cases of coronavirus have started appearing once again. Corona has made a comeback in Goa and so far 8 people have been ranked.

Among them, there are 7 people who were stranded in Mumbai and have recently returned to Goa. Among them are 5 members of the same family and their driver, which has been found to be Corona positive.

At the same time, a man is a member of the crew deployed on the ship, who came from Mumbai, his test came negative in Mumbai and he also stayed in the home quarantine for 14 days. But after a re-examination in Goa, the corona test has come back positive.

Among the infected is a driver of a vehicle carrying goods, who came from Gujarat.

The Chief Minister of Goa has said that we have requested the Railways that vehicles should not be stopped at the Goa station if possible, which passes through the state. Along with this, the Chief Minister said that we have also increased the screening of vehicles on the border.

All 8 infected patients will be treated at the State COVID Hospital.

Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Thursday that after being free from Covid-19 for more than a month, there have been 8 new cases of infection in Goa in the last two days, one of which is the crew of a ship Is a member of

Rane said that a person posted on the ship was found infected on Thursday in a quick checkup and his sample has been sent to a laboratory for complete confirmation.

He tweeted that the residents of Goa, who had been in isolation in Mumbai for 14 days, arrived in Goa this morning after not being found infected in the investigation in Mumbai.


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