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    The system seems to have abandoned the workers: Priyanka

    Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday lashed out at the government over the situation of migrant workers stranded in other states and somehow returning to their hometowns, lost their jobs during the lockdown enforced to stop the corona virus infection. Having said that the system seems to have abandoned him.

    He called upon the Congress workers to help the migrant workers and other needy people. Priyanka tweeted, “There is a state of triumph on the country’s roads. Workers from the metros are going on hunger, thirsty, with their small children and family on foot. It seems as if the system has abandoned them. ”

    He said, “In the sunshine of May, there is an influx of millions of laborers on the streets. Accidents are happening every day, these poor Indians are being killed every day. Why is the government not running buses for them? “The Congress leader said,” There are twenty thousand bushes of UP roadways. Please take them out on the streets. With the labor of these workers, these cities have become our metros, the country has progressed due to their labor. For God’s sake, don’t leave them in the streets like this.Priyanka Gandhi- India TV

    He said, “I urge all the district city units of UP to speed up the work of helping these needy people.” Apply full force It is time for service. One activist of the Indian National Congress is standing with these Hindustani brothers. “Priyanka said,” A request to the brothers of the police – I can understand that you are under pressure of work. You are also upset. But I have a request to you not to use force on these destitute people. On them likewise, adversity is broken. Preserve their dignity. “


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