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    Coronavirus report positive of three policemen in Kerala, 70 quarantined including SP

    The corona virus has badly hit Kerala’s Wayanad district police as around 70 personnel, including the Superintendent of Police, have been separated as a precaution after three policemen were found to be infected with Covid-19. After three policemen from the Mananthavadi police station were found to be infected with Covid-19, District Superintendent of Police R Ilango said on Thursday that he and other policemen had decided to separate themselves as they were in touch with some other colleagues at the police station. Have come

    24 people, including a Deputy Superintendent of Police, went into isolation after giving their samples for examination three days ago after they were found infected with Covid-19 on May 9 after questioning a man in connection with a case at Mananthavadi police station. Had gone. So far 18 out of 24 investigation reports have been received and three personnel were found infected on Wednesday. After this, the police station was sanitized and it has been virtually closed and the persons in contact with these personnel are being traced.

    On Wednesday, the Superintendent of Police and some other policemen had an interaction with the Deputy Superintendent for about an hour at an investigation post. After this, 40 policemen have decided to separate themselves. After three policemen were found infected in the state, Kerala Director General of Police Loknath Behera said that the force should take all precautionary measures and proceed without any fear in the fight against the virus. Meanwhile, the district health authorities said that the standard operating procedure has been started after the investigation report of three police personnel arrived on Wednesday.

    A policeman who was found infected was sent to Sultan Bathory Police Station and Muthanga area where the Deputy Superintendent and other officers were also present. This is seen as a lapse by the police department. However, police sources said that the 24 policemen whose samples were taken on Monday, no one had asked them to remain separate. Also, no one had told them that they did not have to come on duty.


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