India is currently facing a Coronavirus pandemic nowadays. Various actions are taken to stop, but still, the number of cases and patients are increasing day by day. Only a few days left for the lockdown, but there are no positive results from this lockdown. As per the source, there are a total of 5356 cases in India, out of which 4728 cases are still active. 468 patients recovered successfully, and around 160 fatalities are registered so far. The number of cases in each state or union territory is increasing.

Maharashtra is the primary hotspot of coronavirus or COVID-19 in India. Maharashtra has a total of 1018 coronavirus cases, and 875 cases are active. There are 79 recovery cases and around 64 deaths. Maharashtra has the maximum number of fatalities. Tamilnadu is the next harshly affected state in India. There is a total of 690 cases out of which 664 active cases in Tamilnadu. A total of 7 deaths are registered in Tamilnadu. Delhi has a total of 576 cases, out of which 547 are active with 9 fatalities.

The total number of cases in Telangana is 404, out of which 348 are active. Kerela has 263 active cases; Gujrat has 136 active cases.

These statistics are indicating that strict actions must be taken; otherwise, India may enter in the third stage of COVID-19.


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