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    COVID-19: Positive cases nears 85 thousands in India, relief in doubling rate

    On Friday, the number of corona virus infections in the country crossed 85 thousand. There have been cases of Covid-19 from Kashmir to Kerala and Karnataka to Bihar. Meanwhile, there are indications that there will be many big discounts in the fourth phase of the lockdown starting from Monday so that the economy can be accelerated amid the epidemic.

    The combined combined number of infections reported by individual states and union territories of the country has also left China behind in the case of corona virus infections. According to China’s official data, 82,933 cases of Covid-19 were reported there. There have been some new cases in Wuhan city of China from where this epidemic started. Despite this, less than 100 Covid-19 patients are now being treated in China. According to official figures, 4,633 people died of corona virus in China, while more than 78,000 people have returned home after becoming infection free.

    Significantly, since the infection started in Wuhan in December last year, more than three lakh people have died due to corona virus in the world while more than 4.5 million people have been infected. China and other countries are beginning to open up their economy. However, renewed concern about the recurrence of corona virus infection has increased.

    With Covid-19, India is now the 11th most affected country in the world but more than one India, the number of infected people in the corona virus affected countries is more than one lakh. America tops the list where more than 1.4 million people have been infected. This is followed by Russia, Britain, Spain, Italy and Brazil respectively where there are more than two lakh cases. At the same time, more than one lakh cases have been reported in France, Germany, Turkey and Iran.

    The Union Health Ministry said that 2,649 people have died due to Corona virus infection so far in the country while a total of 81,970 people have been infected. According to the Union Health Ministry, in the last 24 hours, from 8 am on Thursday to 8 am today, 100 people have died due to infection and 3,967 new cases of Covid-19 have occurred in the country.

    The ministry said that more than 51 thousand patients are being treated in the country, while around 28 thousand people have become infection free. Thus the rate of recovery of patients is about 34 percent.

    According to news agency ‘Bhasha’, 85,538 people have confirmed the infection in the country and at least 2,679 people have died due to Covid-19. With this, about 30 thousand people have become infection free.

    In Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar and Karnataka the number of infected has crossed one thousand, while the states of Kerala, Goa and Manipur have intensified investigations and preventive measures, resulting in new cases in recent times. The segregation center in Manipur has also been sealed.

    On the other hand, new cases of large-scale infections are coming up in urban areas. Maharashtra is the worst affected, with 1,576 new cases, the total number of infected has reached 29,100 whereas 1,068 people have died here. With 434 new cases reported in Tamil Nadu, the total number of infected in the state has crossed 10 thousand whereas in Gujarat, the total number of Kovid-19 patients has increased to 9,932 with 340 new cases.

    A detailed discussion was held on Friday in the Group of Ministers meeting regarding the challenges arising in the country due to Corona infection. What were the circumstances of Corona in the world and what kind of situation is there in the country. The Group of Ministers expressed concern over the return of migrant laborers and Indian citizens from other countries. The challenges facing the states were discussed in today’s meeting. In the meeting, a detailed presentation was given about the situation of Corona in the country and in other countries.

    42 lakh 48 thousand 389 cases of corona infection have been reported worldwide. According to the Health Ministry, 2 lakh 94 thousand 40 deaths have so far been caused by corona worldwide. The worldwide death rate due to corona is 6.94 percent whereas in India 81970 cases of infection have been reported so far. 2694 infections have resulted in deaths in the country so far. Corona death rate in India is 3.23 percent as compared to the world

    In the meeting of the Group of Ministers, it was told by the Ministry of Health that where the doubling rate was 3.4 days before the lock down, now it has increased to 12.9 days after the lock down. In the meeting of the Group of Ministers, there was intense discussion about the states in which cases are increasing rapidly and the emphasis was on adopting the strategy in a new way. The group of ministers also discussed about migrant workers and there was a discussion on finding a solution.

    In the meeting of the Group of Ministers on behalf of ICMR, it was informed that 509 labs in the country are doing sample tests of corona infection. So far, about 20 lakh sample tests have been done in the country. The ability to test corona samples in the country has reached 1 lakh samples per day.

    Information about the Vande Bharat Mission was also shared in the Group of Ministers meeting in which it was told that so far about 12000 Indians have returned from overseas by Phase One flights and they have been quarantined in different states. There are 79 percent infection cases in the scope of 30 urban bodies of the country, ie these city bodies have a greater burden of preventing infection. In the meeting, there was a detailed discussion about what is the picture of health infrastructure in the country. It was informed in the meeting that 3 lakh PPE and 3 lakh N95 masks are being produced daily in the country.

    The COBAS 6800 machine is installed in the NCDC, which can do 1200 sample tests in 24 hours. After the meeting, it was said by the government that the situation in the country is still under control and there are adequate arrangements for health facilities as well. So there is no such situation as panic now.


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