Gurgaon: After e-learning, now e-PTM, officials are calling and taking reports of children’s studies from parents


Hello, how is your child’s online education going, no problem. In a similar fashion, the Education Department is asking the parents of the students daily through e-PTM. Like private schools in lockdown, children of government schools are also getting online education and the feedback is being received by the education department officials directly by contacting the parents. Education department officials are not only keeping an eye on the work of online education being given to the students of government schools, but are also guiding the teachers in this direction.

In this regard, District Education Officer Indu Bo Kan says that for the first time the method of getting online education has been tried so that children of government schools are not harmed in the lockdown. Since this method is used for the first time, there are efforts to improve the system by continuously feedback from students and their parents about it. He informed that the first step has been taken in the district to do e-PTM in the state. Through this the Education Department is contacting all students and parents. In each of the four sections of the district, the Block Education Officer, District Project Coordinator (DPC), Block Elementary Education Officer, daily talks to 20 students and their parents in their jurisdiction and asks that the students are getting the course material online. Is it or not

Along with this, feedback is also being taken about online studies and television programs, on the basis of which steps are being taken to give better education to students. Captain Bo Kane said that she herself talks to 20 children and takes feedback about their studies. At times, parents also ask for preventive measures regarding the Covid-19 infection, which parents are given in detail. .


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