Faridabad: Charges on recovery agents, threat of raping women and throwing acid, case filed


A case has been registered for raping the youths of a businessman living in Sector-28 and threatening to burn them by throwing acid on them. The accused are recovery agents of private banks. A businessman resident of Sector-28 said in a complaint to the police that he had taken a credit card from a private bank. They were unable to collect installments during the lockdown.

They allege that a person named Rajiv Chaudhary, Poonam Chaudhary and Sonia Chaudhary are mentally troubled about depositing money for the lockdown period. Not only this, the people even threatened to rape the women of their house and even threw acid and burned them. Not only this, the marriage of the victim’s cousin is fixed. He is threatened by calling her and abusing her and throwing acid on her.


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