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    Delhi police crime branch interrogated 400 jamaatis

    Delhi Police Crime Branch has questioned the depositors today. According to Crime Branch sources, about 400 foreign deposits have been questioned. All these 400 deposits have been questioned in Delhi itself. All foreigners came from different countries to join the Jamati Markaz.

    The crime branch was interrogated about 400 of these depositors by visiting their bases and quarantine centers in Delhi.

    All these 400 depositors are among the 700 deposits whose passports and other documents have been seized by the crime branch.

    Remaining deposits will also be questioned soon.

    Explain that the crime branch of Delhi Police has seized passports and other documents of about 700 deposits. According to Delhi Police sources, the Jamaatis are suspected that he had come to India wrongly with a visa and his travel history is also being investigated.

    According to the information, all the Jamati came through India Tourist Visa and joined the Jamaat. On the matter of violation of visa conditions, the Indian government had canceled all the visas and opened the loc so that no one could go out of the country. According to the news, some Malaysians were lying and wanted to leave their country on a special flight. Then he was caught at Delhi Airport for this reason. Delhi Police is investigating against all of them by registering a case of foreign act and visa fraud.

    It is alleged that thousands of people from all over the world who came to Nizamuddin Markaz came out from here and spread the corona virus across the country. Maulana Saad, who rules Nizamuddin, is still absconding. Crime Branch of Delhi Police is looking for Maulana Saad.

    दिल्ली पुलिस क्राइम ब्रांच ने की 400 विदेशी जमातियों से पूछताछ, सभी मरकज में शामिल होने आए थे

    Let us tell you that some time ago, Delhi Police had asked Maulana Saad to send a report to AIIMS or any government hospital after conducting a test of Covid-19. Maulana Saad had claimed that he had done the test of Covid-19 and his report came negative. He said in response to the notice that he has done the corona test in a private lab, not a government.


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