Despite fastag in the car may have to pay double toll, these new rules apply

Fastag- India TV

New Delhi. Double toll will be charged for illegal or non-working fastag vehicles entering the committed fastag lane. The government gave this information on Sunday. Earlier, double toll tax was charged on national highways only from vehicles that entered the fastag committed lane at the toll booth without imposing fastag.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in a notification, “Without fastag or not working or illegal fastag vehicles enter into committed fastag lanes, double the fee will be charged. They will have to pay double the charges levied on their vehicle category. “The government has amended the National Highway Charges (Rate Classification and Collection) Rules for this. The government has made FASTAG mandatory from December 15, 2019 across the country. A total of 1.68 crore fastags have been issued by May 2020.

According to the ministry, a number of such cases have been observed that the car or other motor vehicle is fastened, but there is not enough amount of recharge in it. Such vehicles enter the fastag lane and stop in toll and pay in cash. In such a situation there is unnecessary delay and there is a long line in fastag lane. There have been some cases in which the fastag has broken or it has been twisted, it breaks its circuit. Such fastags do not work properly. If found to be so in a vehicle, then double penalty will have to be paid.


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