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    Even in Lockdown, passengers will get DTC bus from New Delhi railway station, know what will happen


    New Delhi: Delhi Police said on Wednesday that Lockdown Between now, DTC bus will be available for passengers stranded at New Delhi railway station for further journey from the station.

    Sources in the police said that Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) will run buses to 11 district headquarters for people feeling the need of public transport in the city.

    He said that people using private vehicles can go through Bhavabhuti Marg or Minto Road, while those traveling in DTC buses will have to board the parking area in front of Ajmeri Gate.

    Police sources said that all arrangements have been made keeping in mind the strict guidelines issued in view of Covid.

    Train services were stopped due to Corona virus epidemic, but special train service started from New Delhi railway station with the departure of three trains to Bilaspur, Dibrugarh and Bengaluru for the general public from Tuesday. On this day, four trains reached here from Patna, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Howrah.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police (Railways) Harendra K. Singh said that adequate arrangements were made on Wednesday in close coordination with the railway authorities for the convenience of passengers, but at the same time, compliance with the guidelines issued to prevent the spread of corona virus has been taken care of.


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