Ghazipur mandi, closed for two days after infection spreads, will be opened today


Ghazipur mandi will start on Saturday after being closed for two days. The market was closed for two days from 5 pm on Wednesday evening after the corona of Mandi MPMC secretary and assistant secretary was infected. Mandi APMC office was being closed and sanitized since Monday.

On Friday, 9 people, including the chairman of the mandi, were sampled for the corona investigation. Let us know that four people have been confirmed corona infected in the market. At the same time, 8 laborers have been found to be corona positive with 22 traders in Azadpur mandi.

However, Anil Malhotra, a Mandi businessman and a member of APMC of Azadpur Mandi, said that there are more number of infected people in the market. While the Mandi administration and government are engaged in pressing the case. It is for this reason that the number of corona infections is being said to be low. Malhotra has reported that more than 100 people have been infected in the market.


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