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    How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-commerce With Social Networks?

    In the last decade, social media has experienced tremendous growth that few people could have foreseen. And when E-commerce and social networks merge, the results obtained by brands are surprising. Today, these platforms have become storefronts where marketers and business owners from around the world build relationships with their audiences and increase their brand exposure.

    However, in addition to growing the image of the brand and establishing relationships with consumers and potential customers, social networks also allow you to increase online sales.

    Next, we will talk about best way to launch ecommerce website and some proven methods that can help you increase sales on the Internet from the use of these platforms.

    Are you working in some categories that are restricted by Amazon? Do not worry! This blog will help you learn the ways to ungate yourself into such categories.

    Know the Possibilities

    When talking about E-commerce and Social Networks, most people may automatically think of Facebook. However, this is not the only platform in which an electronic commerce can be promoted; there are others that should also be taken into account.

    Knowing which platform your audience spends time on will help you devise a Marketing strategy that is tailored to that social network.

    Here is a summary of the different Social Networks and the profile of their audience:


    It is one of the largest platforms when it comes to customers and is also excellent for brand recognition. To get the most out of it, E-commerce must focus on implementing strategies that help them increase the exposure of their brand. They can also increase sales by implementing Remarketing ads.


    It is an excellent platform for companies that rely heavily on images, such as clothing stores. Therefore, if you offer products and have a large number of good-quality photos of them, Instagram can be an excellent tool to analyze brand performance to increase sales.


    Twitter is ideal for growing a brand through the use of hashtags. These will also be useful for conducting contests or sweepstakes.


    It is an excellent platform for brands that sell products aimed at a female audience. And it is that the investigations carried out have shown that the majority of the people who use this platform are women.

    As we have seen, each of these platforms attracts a different audience and comes to cover different business needs, so each one requires a specific Marketing strategy.

    Therefore, before deciding on which platform to advertise your products, it is important that you know where your target audience is. Once you discover it, you can develop a Marketing strategy that focuses on boosting the sales of your ecommerce, improving the relevance of your brand or attracting new customers.

    Create the Right Ads

    Depending on the platform you decide to use for your ecommerce, you should have a wide selection of ads that attract potential customers. The interesting thing is that each Social Network has different advertising options.

    For its part, Instagram stories are very effective for publishing video content, especially when you want to show the audience what happens behind the scenes, or the products you offer, their advantages and ways of using them in more detail.

    One of the most effective advertising practices in Social Networks is the use of Remarketing ads. These are especially useful if what you want is that those customers who arrive at your Website but do not finish making a purchase do so.

    It is very common for a customer to add a product to the cart, but not complete the purchase process. In this sense, remarketing ads are responsible for encouraging that potential customer to return to the store or website and complete the purchase by offering a discount or a promotion available for a limited time.

    But it’s not just about launching the ads and that’s it: remember to check their performance on each platform and make the necessary adjustments.

    Use Relevant Hashtags

    Thanks to hashtags, most platforms classify posts by different categories. Therefore, the use of relevant tags improves the organic traffic of the website; since it achieves that more target audiences see the publications and products.

    To use them correctly, you must detect trends in your sector and integrate these hashtags into your own publications. While it’s true that it’s a great way to expand your brand’s reach, you shouldn’t overdo it.

    Otherwise, you will run the risk of being cataloged in the user’s mind as Spam. To prevent this from happening, include only a few hashtags in the form of comments to your posts.

    Work with Influencers

    Influencers are people with many followers on social networks. You could appeal to these influencers to introduce your product to their followers.

    When deciding which influencer to work with, it’s important to think about whether their followers fit your target audience. Otherwise, many people who are not interested in what you offer will see you and meet you but that may not translate into sales.

    Another important decision is whether you want to work with big influencers or micro-influencers. Although they can reach smaller segments of your target audience, it is often convenient for an economic issue and they can bring you very good results.

    Influencers with a massive following tend to have an audience that may not be too closely related to your products. However, it is a guarantee of greater interaction and a number of clicks.

    Smaller influencers, meanwhile, tend to have a more targeted audience that shares common interests, which means they can generate better ROI.

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