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    Indian Railways runs 1064 shramik special trains so far for many states

    In the last 15 days, the railway has transported nearly 13 lakh passengers from one state to their home across the country. According to the railway, 825 trains have been run till 8 pm on Friday night. 169 are on the way, while in 90 planning, preparations are underway. That is to say, in the last 15 days, the Railways has run 1064 trains so far.

    Railways has said that it can run 300 laborers special trains every day and through these they can transport 40 thousand people to their home state in a day but due to non-approval of the states, these trains are not running. On 14 May, the Railways had run 145 workers special trains within a day and transported 210000 passengers to their home state.

    One May was also the day of Labor Day. Railways started it with four trains. On that day, 5000 people were transported to their home state via 4 labor special trains. Railways have so far run the maximum number of 526 trains to Uttar Pradesh and 269 to Bihar. Despite the Central Government’s appeal from West Bengal, more trains have not been approved yet. Only 8 trains can be run for West Bengal. However, after the appeal of the Railway Minister, 105 more trains have been allowed by Mamta Banerjee to come to Bengal.

    In fact, according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the state to send passengers from here, the state and where these passengers have to go, both the states, by mutual agreement to run the train. Will request. After that the railway will run the train on that route. Under this process, many states requested the railways to run trains by mutual agreement and after that the railway started running trains in those states.

    The state from which the passengers depart, manages the food there. The railway provides catering during the journey and when these travelers reach their home state, the responsibility lies there. The same process is now being followed for labor special trains. The Railways has said that it is in touch with all the states to run the Shramik Special trains and as soon as the request comes from their side, the railway will arrange the trains in the same manner.


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