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    Levi Ackerman: Amazing Facts & Why He Is Popular?

    Attack on Titan’s Levi Ackerman is one of the most well-liked and strongest characters in terms of defying titans. To protect humanity from the looming danger of Titan, Levi Ackerman is regarded as humanity’s greatest warrior. In spite of not being the protagonist, he’s given plenty of screen time, whether it’s in big fight scenes or flashbacks to his memories of childhood. He is ordinarily sad or motionless, which, coupled with his incredibly calm personality. This makes it very difficult for anyone else to imagine what he is trying to think. As he learns more about the world’s problems, he maintains his ethics and morals strong enough to be good to those he loves and protect mankind intact.

    His mother, Kuchel Ackerman, was a prostitute who got pregnant by one of her clients in the underworld. When Kuchel’s older brother, Kenny Ackerman, visited her in the city, he found that she had passed away. A young and destitute Levi was sitting on the floor beside his mother’s bed when Kenny arrived, and he made the decision to look after him. He reared Levi well, teaching him knife skills, social skills, and violent conduct. Levi once got into a battle in the city’s underground and easily won. He then became a famous fighter in the underground before joining the Survey Corps.

    However, there are some amazing facts about Levi Ackerman that you probably don’t know.

    1. Levi is an Ackerman family member

    At first, Levi was one of the most enigmatic characters in the movie, and no one really knew what his first name was. On the other hand, Levi, on the other hand, discovered that he had been an Ackerman when Kenny disclosed to him in his final scenes that he had been his uncle. This revealed that he and Mikasa were two of Paradise’s greatest soldiers.

    The Ackerman Clan was formed by people who were given the power of a titan without actually becoming one. As a commander of the Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman, together with Mikasa and Kenny, had gone a long way towards protecting the people around him from the titans.

    2. Levi isn’t as young as he appears to be

    In spite of Levi’s little height and laid-back demeanor, he is in fact older than many other people expect. He was genuinely in his 30s when Isayama revealed it, after a lot of discussion from the fans. As a result of Levi Ackerman’s high degree of ability, it’s reasonable to assume that he has greater experience of life than those who are in their early 20s.

    3. On December 25, Levi was born

    There aren’t many birthdays in Attack on Titan, and it’s understandable that the protagonists are too busy battling Titans to have a party or eat cake. Levi’s birthdate has been established to be December 25, which means that the characters of Attack on Titan must follow our monthly calendar. The fact that Levi was born on Christmas Day makes perfect sense because he is an Attack on Titan blessing to the world.

    1. To understand Levi Ackerman passion for cleanliness, it may be helpful to understand his personal background

    Levi grew up in the poverty of Attack on Titan’s Underground City, where he spent most of his childhood. A prostitute mother who gave birth to Levi in poverty left him. He had nothing to rely on. He was later adopted by Kenny, who educated him on how to be a criminal in order to stay alive. Being raised in such an unsanitary environment, it’s logical to conclude that Levi’s passion for cleanliness derives from that experience.

    1. He feels guilt for the deaths of many titans

    In spite of his bad behavior and stoic manner, Levi Ackerman is deeply affected by the suffering of others. In addition, he places a high emphasis on saving as many lives as possible since he believes in the necessity of protecting the lives of others. Because of this, it might just come as a surprise to understand that he doesn’t genuinely enjoy killing his opponents.

    1. When he joined the military, he was treated with contempt

    Due to the fact that he resided underground, Levi was treated with contempt by his fellow troops when he joined the Survey Corps. They didn’t start treating him better until after he had proven that he had been more powerful than any one of them.

    As time passed, some people came to regard him as courageous, while others were afraid of him. Levi had a greater impact on the Survey Corps than the other characters, and he showed that it is not about one’s origins, but rather the life one chooses to live that defines one.

    1. The battle against Zeke Yaeger was tough for him

    Levi considers Zeke to be his most formidable foe, especially given Zeke’s long history with a bullseye on his back. A furious Zeke gave the order to the titans to assassinate Levi. However, during the war in Shiganshina that took place between them, Levi was capable of blinding and injuring Zeke while sustaining no physical damage himself.

    1. A Prequel Series has been produced for him

    To capitalize on the popularity of Levi, an animated short-form series, “NO REGRET”, was created for him. It started out as a visual novel in 2013, but it has since been adapted into a manga and an anime series. With bad intentions, Levi joins the Survey Corps in No Regrets with Furlan and Isabel from the Underground. The Survey Corps, on the other hand, changed Levi far more than he benefited them. It’s easy to see why “No Regrets” is the most popular of the spin-offs.

    1. On the battlefield, Levi utilizes a unique sword strategy to fight against Titans

    In the Scouts’ Regiment, everyone used swords to fight against Titans; Levi’s fighting strategy, however, is quite different from the others. The blade of Levi’s right sword is held backhanded with the blade pointing out when he uses it. This turns the blade behind him, enabling users to cut in circular, rotating motions.

    1. Levi was a thief in the past

    Fans of the Scout Regiment will be shocked to know that Levi was once a convicted criminal. As with Isabel and Furlan, he committed several crimes until being captured by the Scouts and compelled to make amends for his sins. There were just three of them left, and Levi was the only one to survive when they faced off against the titans. His cunning and ruthlessness, which helped him to become a successful criminal in the first place, are still with him.

    11. Commander Erwin was once an enemy of Levi Ackerman

    Levi and Erwin’s friendship in Attack on Titan is based on devotion and honor, but things weren’t always like this between them. First, Levi and his companions were compelled to join the troops after Erwin caught them stealing. Erwin was the main target of his rage, and he even made a promise to murder him if the chance arose.

    12. Drinking tea is a favourite pastime of Levi Ackerman

    With so much action occurring throughout Attack on Titan, it’s easy to overlook Levi’s drinking habits. Although Isayama has stated that Levi appears to like drinking tea, people who pay proper attention will notice that drinking tea is a favourite pastime of Levi’s. Because Levi is such a big tea lover, he goes to tremendous efforts to ensure that tea is included in the military supply deliveries. Isayama also said that Levi’s dream is to establish a tea business.

    Why do people like Levi Ackerman and why is he so popular?

    Since Hajime Isayama developed the anime Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman has been undoubtedly the most popular character.

    Listen below for the explanation behind Levi Ackerman’s popularity and the ease with which people love him.

    1. Levi Ackerman’s look is unique, and viewers are trying to copy his hairstyle

    There might be tips about how to get black hair and get a cut like Levi, despite the fact that many of the protagonists have real hairstyles. Levi’s hair looks very elegant, which sets it apart from the haircuts of many other protagonists.

    2. Levi’s height is admired by the public since it shows that little men can also be powerful

    It’s common knowledge that influential and confident protagonists are often depicted as being tall and thin. Fans, on the other hand, were surprised to learn that Levi was just 5’3″ tall. Fans expected to dislike Levi more and prefer the other, longer protagonists, but instead they grew to adore him even more. His short height demonstrates that short guys can be as strong as tall men.

    1. Levi’s strength and abilities have awed the world

    Levi Ackerman has acquired the reputation of being humanity’s strongest person for a reason, and he deserves it. He is a master of the 3DMG, a technology used by soldiers to allow them to swing across their surroundings. When the main protagonist, Eren Jaeger, was learning to control the 3DMG for the first time in season 1, episode 3, he struggled badly to maintain his balance in the virtual world.

    Despite this, Levi was able to effortlessly evade shots fired at him while swinging around in 3DMG. A scene with Levi swinging all around the city took a month to animate due to the number of details involved.

    As titan changers have specific talents and battle experience, Levi is capable of defeating them all on his own, which is a notable achievement. The fact that Levi was able to defeat the female titan during their fight is particularly noteworthy since it was the first moment Levi had faced a titan changer.

    1. Levi genuinely cares about the people around him

    Upon first glance at Levi, one could conclude that he is a chilly and solemn man, but that isn’t true. To be honest, he has the capacity to place the needs of others ahead of his own by making difficult decisions even when doing so causes him pain.

    Levi first appears in season 1, episode 9, where he calms the dying trooper by shaking his hand and promising him that he would destroy all titans. It’s worth noting that Levi dislikes dirt, as evidenced by his disgusted look when he sees his hand stained with the blood of titans. The soldier was covered in blood, yet Levi was willing to set aside his displeasure and reassure him by holding his hand in soothing without the need for a second glance.

    1. In fact, Levi becomes the most well-liked character throughout the entire season

    Regardless of the fact that Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are undoubtedly the main protagonists in Attack on Titan, Levi has seemed to be the favourite of so many viewers, as evidenced by the results of public popularity ratings.

    Levi has taken the lead in these championships over and over again, despite the fact that he isn’t as prominent in the storey arc as the other protagonists. There aren’t many Survey Corps members who can keep fans’ attention as well as Levi can.


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