Maharashtra appeared as the biggest hotspot of COVID-19 in India


Saturday morning is the 18th day of 21 days lockdown. The stats are still rising every single day. According to reports, Tablighi jamaat is one of the most critical factors in spreading of Coronavirus. As per the source678 new cases confirmed in the last 24 hours in India. There are a total of 7600 cases from which 6577 are active currently, and 249 deaths are registered. Around 774 patients recovered and discharged.

After Wuhan, Coronavirus is strengthening its root in India too. Mumbai appears as the biggest hotspot in India. The conditions of Economic capital Mumbai, are so critical and can be compared with New York. Around 10 Fatalities registered in the last 24 hours in Mumbai.

The total number of patients in Maharashtra is 1574 out of which 874 cases are from Mumbai only. 1276 active cases, 188 fatalities, and 110 recovered patients are confirmed.


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