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    May 16: The historic day when the country handed over the command of the country to PM Modi

    30 years later, India saw a historic day, not just because a non-Congress government came with an absolute majority (282 seats) for the first time to form a government in the country. But because the people of the country had handed over the command of the country in the hands of a person who was common like them, but his specialties made him not only the country but also a large part of the world to be his admirer.

    On 16 May 2014, when the country Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) When he gave his decision in favor of the country, in many ways the country had changed at that time. This air of change lasted so long that by giving Modi more seats (353) than before, the people again chose him as their Prime Minister.

    This special day gave the country the leadership that gave the country a distinct and strong identity on the international map. Especially this time the date is lying at a time when the whole world is facing the crisis of corona virus epidemic. At the same time, in a country with a population of 135 crores, it seemed impossible to fight with limited health resources.

    Even at such a difficult time, the entire world is praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to the nationwide lockdown at the right time.

    Some things that make PM Modi special

    He is a Prime Minister who comes from a very humble background. He also sold tea on the train and also cooked food for his colleagues as a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker.

    Never took any leave during such a tenure. During Navratri, only people drink lemonade and during this time also their work goes on.

    Due to his fitness, yoga and special dressing style are also prevalent in the international media.

    He is a powerful technocrat and gives priority to the use of technology everywhere from election campaigning to running the government.

    Launched a campaign on common but important topics like cleanliness and brought awareness nationwide.

    Many times they are subjected to criticism from the opposition about their foreign tours, but they have no match in the matter of building international relations and diplomacy.


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