Members of DJB lobbying MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar | Members of DJB lobbying MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar

Members of DJB lobbying MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar
  • Big disclosure in Dr. Rajendra Singh suicide case, extended the remand period of Jarwal and his partner

There is a big disclosure in the Dr. Rajendra Singh suicide case. You are representing MLA Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar from Deoli, in Delhi Jalboard, Member and Advocate BS June. BS June is an Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Bijwasan. This is also when the waterboard department is under the question of the whole matter. Due to this, the police are suspected to have influenced the investigation.

In the investigation of the police, one thing has also come to light that the accused MLA while being a member of the waterboard got some government tubewells installed in the farmhouse. Now the investigation focuses on it. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the police sought to extend the remand period of the accused, which was accepted by the court for 4 days. The police officer said that it is surprising that the members of the Jalboard are lobbying BS June.

Are you fighting the case of MLA Prakash Jarwal?

Yes, today was apier, on behalf of the MLA

You are a member of Jalboard, will the investigation not be affected.

– How, the police is investigating. I am already a lawyer for Prakash Jarwal. I have been a lawyer in the case of Chief Secretary.

While being a member of the board, you can advocate the accused in the board’s case.

– Look, Jalboard has nothing to do with it. The police went away with all the documents related to the investigation on 27 April itself. I am a member on 4 May.

The whole matter is related to the board scandal.

-Police has so far not given notice to any employee of Jalboard as neither questioning nor suspicious.


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