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    Muzaffarpur: Returning home after losing everything, eyes of children and life struggling on the streets

    • A large number of laborers are returning home when they are dying of starvation due to the closure of business in factories, companies
    • Workers were seen walking on the highway across the country, horrifying and painful pictures were revealed on knowing the condition.

    The lockdown has been the biggest hit on the workers. Thousands of laborers are returning to their homes in the wake of dying of starvation due to closure of work in factories, companies … There is neither money left, nor anything to eat … So most are walking … They are seen traveling thousands of kilometers on every highway of the country… When Bhaskar tried to know the situation, terrible and painful pictures came out.

    Mukhtara Khatoon of Purnia district was seen walking on the Lucknow-Muzaffarpur highway in Sadatpur on Friday morning. When asked by the Bhaskar correspondent, he burst into tears. Told- ‘Life was spent on water biscuits for one and a half months. Used to work Suddenly curfew was imposed. What to eat? Workers started walking on foot, so we walked. Somehow starved himself, the children would go to sleep crying and crying with hunger, then the heartbreak would break. For four days soaked four pieces of bread and soaked it in water and fed it to the children. ‘

    This suffering of Mukhtara is the story of the crisis caused by Kareena on wages. A worker’s wife is helpless and a mother has a Darun Katha. But troubles had just begun, husband Noorjami lay unconscious in front of Mukhtara. Covered with cloth. While returning from Gurgaon, the truck hit Nurzami near Lucknow, breaking his leg. Even at times, it did not help. Finally a truck carrying a ballast sat. Later, Rukhsar, who was going to Purnia by auto, helped and after giving the auto to himself, he boarded a truck and left for Purnia with the family. 

    Raipur: Now even sleep on stone

    Looking at these pictures hurts, but this is the truth. All the workers who are going from one place to another, their children’s faces will wither and their eyes will look dry … After all, who should do the pain … The picture is from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh … This child was sitting on a stone … as if the habit of the mother’s lap has been missed … now even the stone falls asleep. Workers from Chhattisgarh have also left Maharashtra to go to Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand.

    Tired of tiredness, when he answered, he sat down near Tatibandh. Face pain, helplessness, despair, helplessness, they are just going away. It is said that everything is tolerated, but the children cry when they see their faces. Sometimes we get milk, sometimes we have to go hungry. The journey of the children is also such that sometimes the mother’s lap becomes the support of the journey, sometimes the father’s finger and shoulder … sometimes even the stone. The journey continues …

    Children who once slept in the mother’s neck are now forced to sleep on the stone.

    Bharatpur: Unaided father stole bicycle to carry 1150 km of Divyang son

    How the helplessness of a helpless and innocent father shakes faith … how it makes him guilty … This can be felt by this letter of Mohammad Iqbal of Bareilly. Iqbal’s fault is so much that he stole a bicycle to take his Divyang son 1150 km away … but on the other side also wrote a letter to the owner of the bicycle, in which he wrote, “I am your fault, but I am a laborer and helpless”. I’m taking your bicycle. Please forgive me…

    Bicycle owner Sahab Singh, living in Sahanwali of Rarah village, was found to be missing a bicycle from the verandah. During cleaning, a small piece of paper was found, on which Iqbal had written his pain. Sahab Singh says- “Iqbal’s letter filled my eyes. The anger and anxiety that the bicycle was stolen has now turned into satisfaction. I have no malice towards Iqbal, but this bicycle is truly It is useful to cross the door of someone’s pain. Iqbal daringly tried to do it, while many more valuable things were lying in the verandah, but he did not touch it. ‘

    Ahmedabad: Salute to Karmabhoomi before returning home, with a promise to return soon

    The Krishnadevi family living in Amraiwadi left for Rae Bareli. During this, he worshiped the land at the station and expressed his gratitude to Karmabhoomi Ahmedabad. Krishnadevi told- Gujarat has given a lot, but there is compulsion right now, so we are going, but I definitely want to say that we will return to Gujarat soon.

    Muzaffarpur: Sigh of pain – 17-year-old hearing from foot pain, ulcers cry

    This is 17-year-old Shravan Kumar … The struggle is also doing as per the name. In Gurgaon, Haryana, sewing-embroidery Shravan is on a shoulder-to-shoulder bag with a journey of more than 1000 km. Walking on foot, the trucks, trolleys and other vehicles on the way shook hands and asked for help, but everyone went out of his way and Shravan would be left there. 7 days on foot so tired that the foot is not ready to move one step. If you try to grow, the blisters of the feet are tortured. When asked, we burst into tears.

    It says- ‘You used to get 6 thousand rupees a month. When the business stopped, the laborer father sent some money from the village, which soon ended. The landlord also asked to take the rent for two months. Just now, have to get home soon.’


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