Priyanka Gandhi tweet, said – Our buses are standing on the border, Yogi ji let us help the laborers.

Bus- India TV

Political parties have started getting political politics regarding migrant laborers. Congress party leader Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “Our buses are standing on the border. Thousands of nation-building workers and migrant siblings are walking in the sun. Give us permission, Yogi ji, our brothers and sisters Let me help. ” Let us tell you that on Saturday, buses were taken from different cities of Rajasthan with the migrant laborers of UP. It is being said that Priyanka Gandhi has arranged these buses.

Priyanka is doing little politics: Yogi Sarkar

Senior Kabina minister and spokesperson of Uttar Pradesh, Siddharth Nath Singh, accused Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra of politicizing the issue of migrant workers and said that she was doing political politics. Singh said in a statement on Sunday, “It is unfortunate that the Congress party is politicizing the issue of migrant workers. Priyanka is talking about sending buses to the border of Uttar Pradesh. It shows that she is not aware of the situation.” And she is only doing petty politics. “

The minister’s statement comes after Priyanka Gandhi’s demand in which she had sought permission from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to run 1000 buses to bring the migrant workers back home and their fare to be borne by the party.

Singh said, “Migrant workers are coming not from Uttar Pradesh but from states like Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. These states either have a Congress government or a coalition government. If Priyanka knew about the situation, she would have asked to provide buses in those states, but unfortunately she is unable to say this to her own chief ministers and is pointing fingers at the Uttar Pradesh government. It shows their senselessness. “

The minister said that the Yogi government has arranged 400 trains and 11000 buses to get migrant laborers from other states to their homes.


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