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    Scorching roads in 36° temperature, this journey of tiny feet and miles

    • The migration of migrant laborers continues across the country, almost every state has a similar story.
    • Left the village and came to the city for better life, now returning with unfulfilled dreams

    Millions of laborers continue to migrate across the country. While fighting hunger, these laborers have gone out on a journey of miles and feet on the hot roads. They do not have slippers on their feet, nor shade on the head. This 10-year-old girl from Maloya has also gone on this journey with her parents. She walked away from home wearing sandals. If broken on the way, you had to throw. Then Tapti started walking barefoot in the afternoon. They have to go to Unnao in UP. For better life, he left the village and came to the city. Now we have to go back to the village with unfulfilled dreams.

    Day friday Place Sector-43 Bus Stand. Time 4 o’clock. An elderly woman was seated with a flower on her lap. When asked, the woman said her name to be Dhari Devi. He said that this is my dear grandson. Only 17 days old. Used to live in Raipurkhurd, but now the situation is not good, so going to Unnao by the 8 o’clock train.

    When asked the name of the child, the woman was strangled. Just said, ‘We are worried about it more than the name of son. Because, it cannot find enough milk. The daughter-in-law gave birth to it 17 days ago. The doctors had said that giving it a nutritious diet. But, even two time food is not getting any luck here. Due to this, even the daughter-in-law’s milk is not being produced, which can fill the stomach of the innocent. What to do, now we have to drink only a bitter sip of tears.’


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