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    Screentime increases after lockdown increased eye patients; Workers from home should avoid working in AC, blink every 20 minutes

    Even though the government in India started the lockdown from March 24, private and government companies had already advised employees to work from home, taking precaution. After this, people who are dealing with work from home for about two months are suffering from eye related problems.

    Ophthalmologist Doctor Vinita Ramani says that during this time there has been an increase in those taking phone advice. A large number of people suffering from eye problems are taking counseling through WhatsApp messages, photos and calls. According to Dr. Ramani, there is a concern among the patients that they are suffering from redness in the eyes without going out.

    Vasudha Damele, associate professor and doctor at the Ramakrishna Parmarth Foundation Medical College, says that there have been fewer reported cases due to the lockdown, but the number of people struggling with eye problems has increased. According to Dr. Dumley, cases of dryness occur more in the summer and more screentime is also the main reason for this. Doctors also recommend cutting unnecessary screentime. Because the more screentime, the more problems. Check out: https://www.contactlenses.co.uk

    According to experts, these are the main symptoms

    • irritation: Irritation problems also occur due to continuous work on computer and mobile screens or movie-games. During this time the person has discomfort in doing any work with the help of eyes. It can cause many more diseases.
    • Dryness: Doctors say dryness is a common problem in summer. The main cause of dryness is the lack of liquid or lubricant in the eye. In case of increasing dryness, consult medical experts. According to Dr. Ramanani, its treatment is very common. He told that the doctor will give you drops, due to which the eyes will not dry up.
    • Redness: During this time, there may be redness and itching in your eyes. However, due to many reasons like allergies and infections, redness in the eyes can be troublesome.
    • Watery eyes: Allergies, infections, injuries can also occur due to watery eyes. Continuous working on the screen may cause eye water problems.

    Take care of your eyes during work

    • Blink eyes repeatedly: It can be dangerous to keep in touch with the screen continuously. According to Dr. Ramanani, usually our eyes blink 18-20 times in a minute, but this number decreases while working on the screen. To avoid this, stop working for a while and blink the eyes repeatedly.
    • 20-20-20 Rule: The doctor recommends following the 20-20-20 rule out of the ordinary. In this, you have to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes during work. This causes your eyes muscle relays.
    • Avoid working in AC: Dr. Damle explains that working in air conditioners can increase dryness problems. Avoid working in AC. If working between ACs, take a break in a while.
    • Do not work in the dark: Do not work by turning off the room lights. According to doctors, always work between the lights in the room or between the lights.
    • Take a break: Continuous work can affect your eyes. So never work without a break. During work, take a break for some time and walk in a normal environment. Apart from this, use multivitamins and antioxidant foods along with your normal food.
    • Adjust Chair Height: According to doctors, it is very important to balance between the posture and the monitor while working for the health of the eyes. Try to keep the height of the monitor down, because looking down, the eyes open only slightly and there is not much lubricant to evolve.
    • Use of antiglare: Doctors also recommend using antiglare or blue filters in computer screens. With the help of anti glare screen, the effect of hazardous rays coming out of the monitor screen will be less on the eyes.
    • If wearing glasses, use: According to the doctor, people who have glasses, they must use it. Even if you can see clearly without glasses, even after that, you should definitely wear glasses.

    In these circumstances, seek medical advice immediately.

    Due to the lockdown, the employees are working from home, while the children sitting there are spending most of their time on mobile. In such a situation, doctors advise parents to control children. Apart from this, if you are struggling with these problems then the matter can be serious. Contact the doctor immediately if such symptoms appear.

    • Work related to eyes started suffering more
    • Can’t open your eyes
    • Eye aches
    • Headache by evening
    • Prickling eyes
    • Could not get clarity while reading

    Users are spending more time on social media

    • A March 28 Hammerkoff Consumer Survey report states that Indians spent 280 minutes a day on social media in the first week of lockdown. Earlier this figure was 150 minutes per day. In this context, social media usage has increased by about 87 percent.
    • According to the report, 75 percent of the people spend more time on apps like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. A survey of about 1300 people in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai found that OTT engagements also jumped by about 71 percent.


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